Planet Zoo Animals List

Planet Zoo Animals List

Planet Zoo features a wide array of animals to look after as part of your very own zoo. Here’s a full list.

There are 75 species of animals in Planet Zoo, just waiting to be adopted and cared for. It’s a pretty extensive offering, with everything from pangolins to tortoises and gibbons up for grabs. To help you keep track of them all, and to assist when planning out your zoo, we’ve listed all of the animals available in Planet Zoo in this guide.

Planet Zoo Animals List

You can find a full list of all 75 animals available in Planet Zoo below. We’ll be sure to keep the list updated as more animals are added, so check back for new additions.

  1. Aardvark
  2. African Buffalo
  3. African Elephant
  4. African Wild Dog
  5. Aldabra Giant Tortoise
  6. Amazonian Giant Centipede
  7. American Bison
  8. Bactrian Camel
  9. Baird's Tapir
  10. Bengal Tiger
  11. Black Wildebeest
  12. Boa Constrictor
  13. Bongo
  14. Bonobo
  15. Bornean Orangutan
  16. Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula
  17. Brazilian Wandering Spider
  18. Cheetah
  19. Chinese Pangolin
  20. Common Death Adder
  21. Common Ostrich
  22. Common Warthog
  23. Eastern Brown Snake
  24. Formosan Black Bear
  25. Galapagos Giant Tortoise
  26. Gemsbok
  27. Gharial
  28. Giant Burrowing Cockroach
  29. Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion
  30. Giant Forest Scorpion
  31. Giant Panda
  32. Giant Tiger Land Snail
  33. Gila Monster
  34. Golden Poison Frog
  35. Goliath Beetle
  36. Goliath Birdeater
  37. Goliath Frog
  38. Greater Flamingo
  39. Green Iguana
  40. Grizzly Bear
  41. Himalayan Brown Bear
  42. Hippopotamus
  43. Indian Elephant
  44. Indian Peafowl
  45. Indian Rhinoceros
  46. Japanese Macaque
  47. Komodo Dragon
  48. Lehmann's Poison Frog
  49. Lesser Antillean Iguana
  50. Mandrill
  51. Nile Monitor
  52. Nyala
  53. Okapi
  54. Plains Zebra
  55. Pronghorn Antelope
  56. Puff Adder
  57. Pygmy Hippo
  58. Red Panda
  59. Red Ruffed Lemur
  60. Reticulated Giraffe
  61. Ring Tailed Lemur
  62. Sable Antelope
  63. Saltwater Crocodile
  64. Siberian Tiger
  65. Snow Leopard
  66. Spotted Hyena
  67. Springbok
  68. Thomson's Gazelle
  69. Timber Wolf
  70. Titan Beetle
  71. West African Lion
  72. Western Chimpanzee
  73. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
  74. Western Lowland Gorilla
  75. Yellow Anaconda

Will More Animals Be Added as DLC?

While DLC for Planet Zoo seems extremely likely, Frontier had yet to give any real details on the matter. The developer did add new dinosaurs to 2018’s Jurassic World Evolution, so we think they will probably do the same here. Until there is official confirmation, it’s advisable to keep expectations in check however, though we’ll be sure to update this page with any new developments.

That’s our list of all of the animals in Planet Zoo. We’ll keep the list updated as more are added, and stay tuned for more Planet Zoo guides across USG.

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