Planet Zoo: How to Build Hard Shelters

Planet Zoo: How to Build Hard Shelters

Some animals will require a Hard Shelter in Planet Zoo. Here’s how to build them using the Terrain tools.

Planet Zoo features 75 species of animal to showcase in your very own zoo. They can be a picky bunch, and you’ll need to satisfy a number of parameters in order to keep them happy. One such parameter is the Hard Shelter coverage. Animals like wolves will need an area to retreat away from harsh weather conditions, or to simply rest away from prying eyes. We’ll show you how to build Hard Shelters in this guide, so read on to hear more.

What Are Hard Shelters?

Being housed in a zoo can be a really stressful experience for the animals that live there. When too many guests start peeking at them through the glass, or when weather conditions aren’t appropriate, some animals will need a place to hide away and relax. If this is the case, you will see the Hard Shelter requirement in the Environments tab turn red.

Different Kinds of Hard Shelter

There are two ways to go when considering a Hard Shelter: you can buy a premade one, or sculpt one using the Terrain tools. The latter will look a lot more natural, and you can build it to fit in with the rest of the habitat. This is what the majority of your Hard Shelters will be, essentially caves where your animals can kick back.

Building a Terrain Hard Shelter

You can build your own Hard Shelter using the Terrain tools. To do so, select ‘Terrain’ in the bottom right of the screen. Now, select the shaping option, shown in the image below. We recommend you use the cylinder shape. Place one down in the desired position, we can sculpt it later. Now select the Push function from the list. You can use this to sculpt a cave shape into the cylinder you’ve formed.

While sculpting a cave, there are a few things to consider. First, you will need to make sure you have a defined roof to keep out the rain. Also, you’ll need to place bedding inside. As long as your shelter has these elements, and no holes in it other than the main front entrance it will be classed as a Hard Shelter. You can check the Environment stat for an animal in the habitat to check that it has registered.

Hard Shelter Not Registering

Getting your newly built cave to register as a Hard Shelter can be a little bit tricky. If it isn’t working, try to make the shelter a little bigger. You can also try placing a pre-built Hard Shelter down, and then cover it with the Terrain tools. This will ensure your shelter has three walls, and will make it look a little more natural.

That’s everything you need to know about Hard Shelters in Planet Zoo. Head here for a full list of the animals you can get in the game.

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