Planet Zoo is a Sim From the Creators of Planet Coaster in the Style of Zoo Tycoon

Planet Zoo is a Sim From the Creators of Planet Coaster in the Style of Zoo Tycoon

We're going to the zoo. How about you?

Frontier Developments, the sim experts behind Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon, and tons more games that let hapless park guests die hilarious deaths, unveiled Planet Zoo today. Unlike other park-building games that focus on making a profit, Planet Zoo puts wild animal preservation front and center.

According to the official website for the game, Planet Zoo lets players cultivate zoos with large habitats and then populate them with animals that "think, feel and explore the world you create around them." You can also research different animal species and learn how to build habitats that keep them happy and healthy.

Wild animals do wild things, and reproduction seemingly plays an important role in Planet Zoo. One goal is to breed healthy baby animals that can eventually be released back into the wild, which mimics preservation programs many major zoos undertake today. Also, baby animals are just so gosh-darn cute and fun to watch.

Your zoo animals aren't the only creatures that need interesting environments. Visitors are still important, so you want to build things that thrill the human animals who come through your gates, too. Planet Zoo offers piece-by-piece construction tools that let you raise hills, dig lakes, and plant forests. When you're done, don't forget to lay down a path that sends a steady supply of guests tumbling into the crocodile pit. It's cheap crowd control and you save on animal feed, thus increasing your profits. That's Business 101, kids.

Look for Planet Zoo on PC later this fall.

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