Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - All Multiplayer Game Modes

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - All Multiplayer Game Modes

Descriptions and tips for each multiplayer mode.

If you enjoy facing off against other players online, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 offers plenty of game mode options for you to choose from. This guide features a detailed description of each multiplayer game mode to help you decide which mode you’d like to tackle first.

There are many different ways to play Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. You can fight off waves of enemies in the Backyard Battleground, level up multiple characters in Solo Ops, or battle online with other fans in multiplayer. While this article focuses solely on multiplayer game modes, you can check out more game features in our Garden Warfare 2 Guide.

In the list below, we have provided a brief description for each multiplayer game mode in Garden Warfare 2, as well as a few tips that can help prepare you for each unique battle.

Welcome Mat

If you are new to the Garden Warfare series of games, the Welcome Mat is a great place to get your feet wet in multiplayer. This game mode is designed for new players to get acquainted with the characters and adjust to the multiplayer environment.

In the Welcome Mat, only the basic default characters are permitted, and you can’t use upgrades. Also, if you die multiple times in a row, you’ll receive a health increase when you respawn to help you sustain a bit better when you return to the battlefield. Experienced players can join this mode, but the health increase will likely turn them off to doing so.

Turf Takeover

Turf Takeover contains two alternating game types: Gardens & Graveyards, and Herbal Assault. These two modes essentially mirror one another, swapping between offense and defense for both the plant and zombie sides.

Gardens & Graveyards was one of the most popular multiplayer modes in the previous Garden Warfare installment. This mode works similarly to the Rush game type in the Battlefield series. In Gardens & Graveyards, zombies must offensively capture the plant bases, pushing forward through segments of the map one base at a time. Likewise, Herbal Assault has the same structure, but with plants on offense rather than defense.

Success in these Turf Takeover game modes relies heavily on cooperation and balanced team roles. These are also the only game modes where the Engineer and Rose classes can construct teleporters. For advice on how to improve at multiplayer modes such as these, head over to our Garden Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips guide.

Team Vanquish

Team Vanquish is essentially the equivalent of the team deathmatch game types found in most competitive shooters. Plants face off against zombies, and the first team to reach 50 vanquishes wins the match. It’s important to note that reviving teammates takes a point away from the opposing team’s vanquish score. Any character can revive a teammate, but only the Sunflower and Scientist classes can revive teammates quickly, and to full health. Consider playing one of these roles if you want to play a more supportive role in this vanquish-heavy game mode.

Vanquish Confirmed

Vanquish Confirmed works very similarly to Team Vanquish. However, the vanquishes are only secondary in importance to the little glowing orbs that drop from a vanquished players body. In Vanquish Confirmed, the objective is to pick up these orbs from fallen opponents to confirm a vanquish. The first team to collect 50 orbs from the enemy team wins the match. Players can also pick up their teammates orbs to deny the opponent their vanquish. With little glowing spheres as the objective, coordination and teammate proximity play a large role in a team’s success.


Suburbination is the Garden Warfare 2 version of Domination. This game mode features two teams who must battle to maintain control of three capture point locations. When a base is captured, points will accumulate for the team who is in control of the capture point. A team can Suburbinate their opponents by maintaining control of all three capture points at once to rapidly accumulate points.

Suburbination tends to evolve into a sort of tug-of-war between the two teams. Usually, once a team captures a base, another base will be taken away simultaneously on the other side of the map. The general strategy is to capture and hold at least two capture points at all times to ensure a steady increase of points over the enemy team.

Characters with high mobility such as the Peashooter or Engineer perform really well in this mode. In order to defend a capture point while you’re away, consider playing as characters that can place traps, such as the Cactus, Chomper, or Scientist.

Gnome Bomb

In Gnome Bomb, an armed garden gnome will spawn in random locations throughout the map. Players must rush to pick up the gnome and transport it to one of three designated posts that belong to the enemy team. Bringing the bomb-holding gnome to one of these posts automatically arms the post and begins a countdown. The defending team must then hurry to defuse the gnome bomb before it explodes. If they fail to do so, the team who planted the gnome bomb wins the round, and the gnome bomb respawns somewhere new to start the next round. The first team to destroy all three of their opponents posts wins the match.

It’s important to note that the player holding the Gnome Bomb cannot use their abilities while carrying the gnome. If your teammate grabs the gnome bomb, try your best to defend and escort them to the objective location, since they can’t do a whole lot to defend themselves. If the gnome bomb is dropped, move quickly to grab the bomb before the enemy team does.

In Gnome Bomb, it’s important to use a character with high mobility if you plan to play offensively. If you’d rather sit back and defend, select a character that deals a lot of damage so that you can vanquish an opponent before they can either plant or defuse the bomb.

Mixed Mode

As the name suggests, Mixed Mode is a mix of all of the available multiplayer modes listed previously. If you want to experience a variety of different game types without having to queue up for specific modes each time, consider hopping into Mixed Mode to mix things up a bit.

As of right now, this is the full roster of multiplayer game modes available in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. Unfortunately, Taco Bandits has not been carried over from the first Garden Warfare, but maybe we can look forward to its return in a future update.

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