Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Character Classes - Imp, Citron, Rose

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Character Classes - Imp, Citron, Rose

An overview of each new character class.

In Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, players enlist in a fight for Zomburbia, a comically crazy world overrun with robo-tech zombies controlled by the undead mastermind, Dr. Zomboss. Along with the original eight character classes from the previous installment, there are six new character classes for players to enjoy in PopCap's zany sequel. This guide features a description of each new character, and provides a breakdown of their unique ability set.

The six new character classes can be broken down into three plant types, and three zombie types. Each new character class comes from a different time period and features their own set of unique abilities, which we will cover in this guide. Like its predecessor, Garden Warfare 2 will also offer new variants for each character class that differ in rarity, and are unlockable through sticker packs using in-game currency.

Citron, Rose, and Kernel Corn

Citron - Back From the Future

Citron is a high-tech, highly skilled bounty hunter orange from the future, who is well equipped for facing any undead robotic hordes. He has travelled back in time in an effort to thwart Dr. Zomboss' advancements and help the plants reclaim Suburbia. Citron can instantly take on a spherical form, making him one of the most versatile and highly mobile members of the plant team.

Citron's Abilities:

Empeach - As you can tell by the name, Citron's Empeach ability similarly to an EMP. Landing a direct hit with the Empeach ability will stun enemies for a duration. The Empeach is particularly effective against Z-Mechs, as it will disrupt the power to their mech suit like an actual EMP, while still stunning the Imp inside. If your team is being stomped by multiple pesky Imps, then keep your Empeach ability ready, and quickly eliminate the Z-Mechs when the time is right.

Citron Mode - This ability causes Citron to transform into a sphere, taking on the appearance of an actual orange. He gains increased movement speed that allows Citron to swiftly roll around the map in search of his next target. While in Citron Mode, players can attack using the Ball Charge ability, where Citron charges up and blasts toward unsuspecting enemies in a way that would make Sonic the Hedgehog proud.

Peel Shield - The Peel Shield is Citron's main defense mechanism. Citron can bring up a semi-transparent shield that can block incoming attacks, while still allowing Citron to fire his laser weapon. This ability works best for those who wish to take the role of point-man for the plant team. The Peel Shield allows you to lead your team into enemy territory, guns blazing. For a more defensive approach, quickly equip the Peel Shield while taking damage in a firefight in order to gain a slight advantage on your opponent. Those few moments of defense can really make a difference!

Rose - A Magical Blast from the Past

Since we're dealing with a world full of animated plants and high-tech undead, it should be no surprise that the plants feature yet another time-travelling crusader on their team. Rose is a mighty sorceress who travelled to the future after envisioning a world led by Dr. Zomboss.

In Zomburbia, plants now take an offensive approach and are on the attack. Thus, Rose's role on the plant team is somewhat more supportive, as she is responsible for constructing teleporters to advance through certain multiplayer stages. Rose has a primary weapon called Magic Thistles that allow her to attack from a distance, but her arsenal of abilities allow her to easily keep the zombies at bay.

Rose's Abilities:

Time Snare - Rose's Time Snare is essentially a powerful crowd control ability. Rose can unleash a Time Snare to create a bubble trap. Enemies caught within the Time Snare have their movement speed greatly reduced, and are briefly unable to attack for the duration. Use this ability to slow down enemies that may be advancing on a critical location, or pair this with her third ability to Goatify multiple zombies en masse.

Arcane Enigma - Her second ability, Arcane Enigma, causes Rose to transform into pure energy. This allows her to gain movement speed and avoid damage for a short duration. Use the Arcane Enigma to slip away from hairy situations, or to quickly advance toward a target location.

Goatify - This is one of the more hilariously fun abilities you can expect from these new characters. Rose's aptly named Goatify ability allows Rose to turn enemy zombies into adorable, bewildered goats. We're not entirely sure why she turns them into goats, but we're definitely not complaining. Once turned into a goat, enemies can do little more than run around and ram into nearby plants, until a vanquish puts an end to their fun.

Kernel Corn - The Butter-Bleeding Veteran

While his fellow new plant companions have been busy time travelling, Kernel Corn has been busy on the front lines of war, fighting a battle overseas during the time of the first Garden Warfare. He's got dual Cob Busters for his primary weapon, making him the perfect offensive assault option for the plant team. This surly, butter-bleeding war veteran isn't a plant to be messed with. He's seen things that would make you soil your plants.

Kernel Corn's Abilities:

Butter Barrage - Kernel Corn's first ability is called Butter Barrage. Activating this ability allows Kernel Corn to call in a buttery artillery strike using a hot potato to mark the target location. This buttery bombardment works best when placed upon a highly populated area, such as a zombie tombstone in Herbal Assault. Keep in mind that it takes a few moments for the strike to occur, so make sure to time the Butter Barrage accordingly.

Husk Hop - Kernel Corn's Husk Hop is essentially the equivalent of the Foot Soldier's Rocket Jump ability, but for the plant team. Husk Hop causes Kernel Corn to leap into the air, soaring over enemies in an arch. You can still fire at enemies while in the air, if you wanted to go for a brief aerial assault. While this is an offensive capability, Husk Hop also allows Kernel Cork to quickly escape dangerous situations, or reach higher vantage points.

Shuck Shot - Kernel Corn's third ability launches a pair of corn cobs straight toward a target, dealing a powerful blow to an enemy zombie, similarly to the ZPG Rocket. Upon firing the Shuck Shot, Kernel Corn will pause for a second or two, which is enough time for a moving enemy to dodge the incoming blast. Try to target zombies that are not very mobile, or who have not noticed they are in your crosshairs, in order to maximize the impact of this satisfying ability.

Imp & Z-mech, Super Brains, and Captain Deadbeard

Imp & Z-Mech - The High Tech Duo

The Imp is small, fast, and has great mobility, making him the perfect opponent for the equally versatile Citron. Like Kernel Corn, the Imp dual wields his primary weapon, a pair of Imp Blasters ready to pummel any pesky plants. This tiny terror has the lowest health of all the zombies, but his small stature makes him a tricky target to hit. The Imp’s butt-boosters allow him to hop, flip, and jump his way out of most sticky situations, but when times get tough, he keeps his trusty Z-Mech ready on standby.

Imp's Abilities:

Gravity Grenade - For his first ability, the Imp is able to lob out a gravity ball, that creates a gravity pulling area of effect when detonated. Enemies caught within the radius of the Gravity Grenade are pulled toward its center and are briefly lifted into the air, just long enough for the Imp to pummel them with his primary weapon.

Impkata - The Imp's Impkata ability causes the Imp to essentially spastically spin in circles, firing his Imp Blasters at everything around him. Use this move when surrounded by plants to maximize its effectiveness.

Robo Call - Before using the Imp to head into dangerous territory, you may want to equip your Z-Mech first. In a true homage to the likes of Titanfall, Imp can use the Robo Call to drop in a Z-Mech from the sky, that he can utilize for an extended duration. While inside the Z-Mech, the Imp has significantly increased health, a Robo Laser weapon, and an alternate set of abilities.

Z-Mech's Abilities:

Missile Madness - While using the Z-Mech, the Imp can blast several shoulder mounted missiles at nearby enemies using his Missile Madness ability. This works best for finishing off opponents who try to slip away at the last minute.

Robo-Stomp - Since the Z-Mech suit reduces the Imp's movement speed, there's not a lot the Z-Mech can do to get away from danger. To make up for this lack of mobility, the Z-Mech can use Robo-Stomp to squish any pesky plants that gather around its feet. When in doubt, stomp them out.

Explosive Escape - After the Imp has utilized the Z-Mech for a duration of time, the Explosive Escape ability becomes available. This allows the Imp to detonate the Z-Mech, launching safely into the sky, and dealing damage to any plants unlucky enough to be near the blast. When your Z-Mech has taken significant damage, try to position the Z-Mech near a crowd of plants, then use the Explosive Escape to go out with a bang.

Super Brains - The Hero Zomburbia Needs

Super Brains is ready to deal his own brand of zombie justice as the new close-quarters melee option for the zombie team. While he’s well equipped to give his plant foes the ol' one-two (three) punch combo, Super Brains also has a hand laser that can zap enemies from a decent range, which can be used by holding down the left trigger to modify his basic attack.

Super Brains' Abilities:

Super Ultra Ball - For his first ability, Super Brains delivers a powerful energy ball from a distance that could earn him a spot in Street Fighter. Fire off this ultra blast at stationary enemies, or use it to finish off a wounded foe in style.

Turbo Twister - Super Brains' Turbo Twister sends this suave superhero spiraling into action, rapidly spinning Super Brains around like a tornado. Use the Turbo Twister to pirouette through unsuspecting plants, knocking them back just long enough to engage your next attack.

Heroic Kick - Super Brains does most of his business up close, so it makes sense for him to have a way to quickly close the gap to reach his target. His Heroic Kick ability causes Super Brains to deal a powerful kick in a single direction, dealing damage to anyone in the way of his foot. The Heroic Kick can also be performed after jumping in the air, allowing Super Brains to glide through the air and land on an opponent, foot first.

Captain Deadbeard - The Scurvy Undead

After floating adrift for hundreds of years, Captain Deadbeard has arrived to aid his fellow zombies in defending their territory. This rickety pirate has a long-range Spyglass Shot that can pick off enemies from far distances. Although he functions mainly as a sniper for the zombie team, his primary weapon can convert to the Scurvy Scattershot to blast plants at close range when necessary.

Captain Deadbeard's Abilities:

Barrel Blast - Captain Deadbeard's Barrel Blast ability causes the crusty pirate to hop inside a dynamite-rigged barrel. Captain Deadbeard can then cartoonishly hobble around in search a worthy target. When ready, detonate the barrel to blow nearby plants to smithereens.

Cannon Rodeo - If you are looking for some additional explosive firepower, the Cannon Rodeo ability is perfect for you. This ability mounts Captain Deadbeard on a stationary cannon, allowing him to fire off a series of explosive cannonballs ahead of his location. Since you remain in a single position for the duration of the Cannon Rodeo, it's best to use this ability while on higher ground, in order to avoid getting overrun by enemies while riding the cannon.

Parrot Pal - When you’ve got a wooden leg, it's hard to trek far distances. To cover more ground, Captain Deadbeard can deploy his Parrot Pal into the skies, firing lasers and dropping eggy airstrikes on unsuspecting foes. This ability works similarly to the Engineer's Zombot Drone from the previous game. However, since the Engineer will now have a stationary turret in Garden Warfare 2, Captain Deadbeard can replace him as the zombie capable of aerial assault.

Now that you know about the new character classes, consider which one you will want to raise the Flag of Power with in the Backyard Battleground. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is set to release in February 2016.

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