Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Earn Coins and Level Up Fast

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Earn Coins and Level Up Fast

Follow these tips to level up quick.

Due to the success of its predecessor, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has already garnered a hugely devoted following. However, there are still many players who are new to this hilariously fun third person shooter. This guide provides several basic tips to help newer players level up fast and earn more coins in Garden Warfare 2.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Earn Coins and Level Up Fast

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has improved upon many aspects of the game, including player progression, mechanics, and overall design. In this colorful sequel, there are many more opportunities to gain coins and level up than there were before. Players can now level up each character individually, rather than leveling up the character classes as a whole. Meanwhile, players will also simultaneously earn coins, which are used to purchase sticker packs for new characters, furthering the progression cycle. Follow the tips outlined below to efficiently earn coins and expedite your character progression.

Check the Quest Board

It seems that PopCap has done away with the character class challenges from the first Garden Warfare, and have incorporated a new questing system in their place. Quests can be obtained from the quest board located to the right of the multiplayer portal. There is a quest board on each side of the backyard, but both contain the same quests. There are specific quests for plants, zombies, and multiplayer modes, and all quests refresh on a daily basis.

You can gather a limited number of quests from the quest board to add them to your Active Quests list. Once you complete a quest, another quest can be added to the Active Quests to take its place. Completing a quest usually grants a lump sum of coins and additional experience points (XP), as well as the newly added Stars. Completing quests will also increase the XP Multiplier at the bottom of the screen, which multiplies the amount of XP granted for various tasks. Keep the XP Multiplier close to "2x" in order to gain the highest amount of XP possible.

Quests marked as Epic tend to offer the largest bounty, so these should be made a top priority. For example, the Garden Warfare 2 beta test contained Epic quests for winning a certain number of matches on a particular game type, and the reward was a whopping 25,000 coins. Considering that’s about a third of the cost of a character sticker pack, earning that amount of coins all at once through a single quest is definitely worth it. Quests also reward you with additional XP, allowing you to level up much faster. Check the quest board daily to collect new quests and pocket some extra coins for your sticker pack fund.

Play Objectives and Know Your Role

Although Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has incorporated a variety of game modes to choose from, the objective-based game modes usually offer better opportunities to gain XP and earn more coins at the end of each match. Game modes such as Herbal Assault and Gardens & Graveyards tend to last a bit longer, allowing players on both teams to continue vanquishing opponents and rack up more coins than a shorter mode like Team Vanquish would.

Vanquishing the most opponents is a reasonable objective to have in nearly any shooter. However, in Garden Warfare 2 there are a variety of different ways to earn XP without vanquishing anyone at all. Each character class is intended to serve a particular function, which becomes especially apparent in objective-based game modes like those found on the Turf Takeover playlist. Both teams have character classes that are intended as medics, builders, or snipers, with the remaining characters being classified as either assault or melee types.

Players who play their character’s role effectively can ultimately earn more XP and coins than what they’d earn from vanquishes alone, unless their character is intended for vanquishing. For example, the Sunflower class serves the medic role for the plant team. Effective Sunflower players will constantly use their Heal Beam ability to link to teammates, gradually earning additional XP while their teammate heals. Likewise, those who play as the Engineer class are expected to build teleporters and defensive bots in Gardens & Graveyards. Not only does this allow their teammates to quickly push ahead to the objective, but it also helps the Engineer who built the teleporter gain XP for each teammate who uses the device.

Most of the supportive characters have abilities that can garner additional XP when used appropriately. Select a character based on the role they play on the team, and use their abilities as much as possible to maximize your earning potential.

Farm the Backyard

While the multiplayer modes offer the most direct potential for coins and XP, keep in mind that there is plenty of XP wandering around your backyard. The Backyard Battleground represents the ongoing struggle between plants and zombies through the continuous spawning of AI allies and opponents. Weeds, Browncoat Zombies, and other spawnables will randomly crop up throughout the backyard to clash with one another near the Flag of Power in the center. You can easily pick-off these spontaneous spawnables to bump up your XP.

If it’s coins you’re looking for, you can always opt to raise the Flag of Power to initiate the battle in the center of the Backyard Battleground. Defend the flag from the oncoming waves of enemies looking to take control. Certain enemy types can drop a decent amount of coins during the Flag of Power mode, so be ready to run over and snatch up whatever loot they drop. After each successfully defended wave, the center flag will reward you with a hefty payout of diamonds and coins. Diamonds are worth about 250 coins, so be sure to snag those quickly when you see them on the ground.

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