Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Flag of Power Tips

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Flag of Power Tips

Use these tips for Flag of Power success.

The Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 beta is officially underway, and one of the first activities available to players is the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground. This is a king-of-the-hill style horde mode that allows players to earn coins and experience points to rank up their characters from the comfort of their personal backyard.

In this guide, we’ve outlined a few tips for successfully defending against each wave of enemies during Flag of Power, in order to maximize the coins and experience you can receive. Coins are used to unlock sticker packs, which will grant players new characters, customizations, and consumables.

Stock Up on Consumables

Aside from teammates, consumables act as your main line of defense while defending the Flag of Power, and can also be used in certain multiplayer modes such as Herbal Assault or Gardens & Graveyards. Consumables are obtained through sticker packs, and include build-a-bots, plant pots, and spawnables.

When you raise the Flag of Power in the center of the Backyard Battleground, you’ll notice four stations on each corner around the flag where you can create either a build-a-bot or a plant pot. If you are playing alone, it’s best to deploy at least one heal flower or heal station to sustain you and your AI teammates during the battle, as well as at least one damaging consumable item. You have a limited quantity of consumables, so keep gradually unlocking sticker packs to replenish your supply and keep your favorites fully stocked.

In the Backyard Battleground, enemy plants or zombies will gradually spawn throughout the backyard due to their ongoing turf war. If you taunt the opposing side enough, several character NPC’s will spawn in alongside the other spawnable-type enemies to defend their side. Eliminating these character NPC’s allows you to slowly collect some extra coins. Once you have earned enough coins to buy a few of the Minions Booster Packs, purchase a few of them to stock up on consumables.

Deploy Your Favorite Healer

If you plan to defend the Flag of Power alone, you may want to select one of the medic character types, such as a Sunflower or Scientist. These character types can heal themselves and others, allowing for maximum sustain.

Early on in the game, you will have limited variants to choose from, so just pick from what you have. However, if you are lucky enough to have the Vampire Flower available, it’s best to opt for her first. The Vampire Flower has the ability to heal herself upon dealing damage or vanquishing enemies. Pair this with her Heal Flower ability, and you should be able to survive each zombie wave with ease.

As a Scientist, use your new Heal Beam to maintain build-a-bots and keep teammates healthy.

The Scientists have it a bit rough this time around, as their Heal Station ability from the previous game seems to have been replaced with a Heal Beam, allowing them to heal teammates, but not themselves. While this change was likely for balance reasons, it makes the Flag of Power mode a bit more difficult to play as a solo zombie, even as a healing character. Before raising the Flag of Power as a zombie, make sure you have at least one or two Heal Station consumables available in your inventory. Create a Heal Station at one of the build-a-bots around the flag, and then use your Scientist’s Heal Beam to constantly heal the station if it takes damage from enemies. While this isn’t as reliable as the Sunflower’s Heal Flower and Heal Beam combo, it’s better than having no self-healing capability at all.

Break Those Crates!

During each wave of the Flag of Power mode, a large Reinforcement Crate will spawn randomly throughout the backyard. Breaking these crates can cause an AI helper to spawn in and aid you in battle. The more AI characters you have fighting alongside you, the more waves you will successfully defeat.

Keep in mind that the Reinforcement Crates are temporary, and will eventually despawn. As soon as you see the on-screen notification that the Reinforcement Crate has been delivered, quickly scan the area for the crate’s location, and begin blasting the crate with a high damage weapon to bust it open. If you take too long to break the crate, it will disappear, and you must wait for another one to arrive in the next wave.

Reinforcement Crates can spawn AI teammates to help you defend the flag.

Some characters have primary weapons that can break the crates easily, while others must rely on the use of powerful long-range abilities to open the crates. For example, a character like Super Brains will take an excruciatingly long time to punch the crate open, especially when alone. You will instead want to use his alternate laser beam fire mode, or even his Super Ultra Ball to blast the crate from a distance. Depending on the character you use, note whether they have an ability that could be more effective for breaking Reinforcement Crates, and try to reserve that ability for that purpose during Flag of Power.

The Flag Makes You Powerful

It turns out this game mode is called Flag of Power for a good reason. As you stay near the flag and prevent enemies from taking control, you receive an increased power boost that helps you easily eliminate incoming enemies. As enemies reach the flag, they will slowly begin to gain control of the flag unless you and your teammates occupy the glowing space around the flag in the center. The only real reason to stray from the flag is to gather fallen coins off the ground, or to destroy a Reinforcement Crate with a close-range character. Leave the center if you must, but be sure to return quickly to maintain control of the flag.

Swap Characters Effectively

There are times when you may select a character to raise the Flag of Power, only to find that you are having a hard time staying alive with the character you chose. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that a quick character swap can’t fix. Simply bring up the menu and select Respawn. This will bring you to the character selection screen, where you can switch to a different character. Try not to take too long though, because the longer you are away from the flag, the sooner its power will fall into enemy hands.

Keep in mind that each Flag of Power wave also features a specific enemy type, and that certain characters are better equipped for dealing with particular enemies than others. For example, if you are playing Flag of Power as a plant, you will likely encounter an Imp wave during the battle. This is the perfect time to switch to Citron, since his Empeach ability was specifically designed for disabling Z-Mechs. Likewise, if you are playing as a zombie and survive to the Chomper wave in Flag of Power, switch to the Engineer and ride into battle on your jackhammer to avoid getting chomped.

Raising the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground is a great way to earn extra coins and experience to level up your characters. When individual characters reach level 10, they can be promoted to a higher ranking. Use these tips to maximize your earnings during Flag of Power, and you’ll be able to afford the top dollar sticker packs in no time.

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