Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Gnome Man’s Land Achievement

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Gnome Man’s Land Achievement

Find gold gnomes to get a special phone call.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 contains tons of secrets and hidden collectibles. One of the earliest collectibles you’ll find are the golden gnome statues, which are found in various locations throughout the game. For this guide, we will show you where to find several gold gnomes in order to unlock a special achievement.

This guide will show you how to unlock the Gnome Man’s Land achievement in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The first step to unlocking this achievement is to collect a certain number of Golden Gnomes throughout the game. You won't need all of the gnomes to complete this achievement. We are not sure of the exact number, but it seems that collecting at least 10 gnomes will kick off the next steps for the achievement. For this guide, we are only listing the first few gnome statue locations to get you started.

Golden Gnome statues can be found in both the Backyard Battleground as well as in multiplayer maps. If playing online with other players is hindering your gnome collection progress, keep in mind that you can simply start up a Private or Solo Play match to find these multiplayer gnomes on your own. Head over to the multiplayer portal in the backyard to get started.

How to Unlock the Gnome Man’s Land Achievement

To unlock this achievement, start by collecting a handful of Gold Gnome statues throughout the game. Head over to our guide on how to find all 54 Gold Gnomes for details on each gilded gnome statue location.

Here's a few quick Gold Gnome locations to get you started. There are several gold gnomes statues hidden throughout the Backyard Battleground. Start on the Treehouse side of the backyard, and head to the garage. Speak to Davebot 3000, and follow his initial instructions in order to unlock the garage door. Once you have gained access to the garage, search along the table on the left wall to find your first Golden Gnome statue.

Next, switch to a character that is capable of jumping high, such as the Peashooter. Exit the Treehouse area and walk over to the soccer field. When facing the Treehouse, the soccer field is outside to the left, near the marketplace. The Gold Gnome is found on top of the scoreboard, but you need to be able to jump high enough to get it. As a Peashooter, hop up onto the back edge of the bleachers. Activate your Hyper ability, then jump to reach the Golden Gnome. You will need to hold down the Collect button while in the air, just as you reach the statue.

Follow the road towards the ZomDocks waterfront, near the marketplace. When you reach the pier, head to the far right side of the waterfront and look for a drainage pipe along the edge of the shore. You’ll see (and hear) a Gold Gnome statue glowing from behind the bars of the pipe. Since the pipe is low to the ground, it helps to be a shorter character who can collect the gnome easily.

Head towards the Zompark on the zombie side of the map. The Zompark is located close to ZomDocks, to the right of the zombie Mansion. Just before you reach the park, look for an opening to the sewers within a ditch filled with toxic sewage. If you have completed the first few zombie quests from Dr. Patient, you should already know where this sewer opening is. Enter the sewers, and head to the right. Look in the openings along the walls of the sewer until you find a staircase behind bars. Just beyond the bars is a Gold Gnome statue for you to collect.

Respawn as a zombie, and enter the Mansion side of the backyard. Head around the corner to the left of the Multiplayer Portal. Look along the ground to find a Golden Gnome statue sticking out of a shallow grave. Snag the statue to add it to your collection.

Gold Gnomes can also be found in each of the Hero Portals, including the garage and laboratory. In order to access each portal, you must play through the single player story quests on both plant and zombie sides of the backyard. The gnomes are fairly easy to find within the portal worlds.

Wait for a Special Phone Call

Once you have gathered enough Gold Gnome statues, head over to the marketplace in the Backyard Battleground. Locate a blue payphone on the wall of one of the buildings near the soccer field. If you have found enough gnome statues, this phone will be ringing. Answer the phone to proceed with the achievement.

Once you hang up the phone, there will be a gnome bomb waiting for you at the ZomDocks. Walk over to the docks, and pick up the gnome bomb. Don’t worry, there’s no timer on the bomb, so it’s not going to explode.

Carry the bomb into the sewers through the sewer entrance beneath the Flag of Power. Just before you reach the door to the Crazy Targets Range, look left to find a barred-off opening with a small gnome silhouette on the ground. Place the gnome bomb on the silhouette, and stand back.

The bomb will detonate the bars, opening up a new passageway. Continue through the passage along the path, until you reach a large chamber with a pair of chests out front. Once you enter the chamber, you will receive the Gnome Man’s Land achievement. Congratulations!

There are plenty more Gold Gnomes to find throughout the game, so keep hunting to fill up your gnome case. Check out USGamer’s Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Guide for more tips, Easter Eggs, and interesting features.

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