Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Golden Gnome Multiplayer Locations

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 - Golden Gnome Multiplayer Locations

Find golden gnomes online in multiplayer.

Among the many secrets hidden in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, the new Golden Gnomes are likely the most coveted collectible. For this guide, we are focusing only on the location a pair of Golden Gnomes that can be found in the Turf Takeover multiplayer maps.

Golden Gnomes are unique, adorable collectible items that can be found throughout both the Backyard Battleground and in multiplayer. There are tons of Golden Gnome collectibles hidden throughout the game. Accumulating a certain number of these gnome collectibles eventually unlocks an achievement and reveals more in-game secrets.

We hope to have a guide featuring all Golden Gnome locations in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. However, for this guide we are only going to show you where to find Golden Gnomes within several multiplayer maps. We will update this guide as we discover more of these gnome collectibles online, so be sure to check back for any updates.

Turf Takeover is a multiplayer category that features both Gardens & Graveyards and Herbal Assault game modes. The objective of these modes is to have the attacking team push forward to capture a series of gardens or tombstones, which will open up new sections of the map. The Golden Gnomes tend to be located on capture points further into the map. You will need to ensure that the attacking team adequately captures several objective locations if you want to access the Golden Gnomes on these maps.

There are several maps available for each of these game modes. So far, we have discovered two Golden Gnome locations on these Turf Takeover maps, which we will show you below. If we discover more Golden Gnome locations on any other multiplayer map, we will update this guide accordingly.

Great White North Map

The Great White North is a Gardens & Graveyards map within the Turf Takeover playlist. So far, we have found three Golden Gnomes on this map. To find the first Golden Gnome, the zombie team must reach at least the third capture point at the Hockey Rink. The Hockey Rink is located just beyond the massive slope that has huge snowballs rolling down. By the way, it’s not a good idea to stand in the way of those snowballs.

While standing at the Hockey Rink, look up toward the mountainside. You will notice that the mountain happens to have the face of a giant Yeti with its mouth open. There is a snow covered path leading out from the Yeti mouth, ending at the ice rink down below.

Walk up this snowy path into the Yeti mouth. At the back of the mouth, there is a flat wall of ice. Shoot the ice to destroy the wall, revealing a hidden cave. At the back of this cave, you’ll find piles of decorative gold coins stacked along the ground, as well as a Golden Gnome statue in the center. Snag the Golden Gnome to add it to your collection.

Continue to the next capture point at the lodge. The lodge is shaped like a giant watering can, and it's located just past the deep cliffs up the mountain. To the right of the capture point, locate a bridge that arches over a frozen stream.

Walk underneath the bridge to find two frozen ice walls, similar to the one you shot earlier to find the first gnome. One of these ice walls contains a Golden Gnome behind it. Shoot the ice walls to break them open, revealing the gnome collectible.

From the bridge, follow the frozen stream toward the lake at the far side of the capture area. Walk along the pier and hop onto a block of snow floating in the middle of the lake.

Look across the lake, and locate a button to the left of the tree line. The button has small mushrooms on it. Shoot the button, and a Golden Gnome will pop up from the depths of the lake right beside the snow cap you're standing on.

Zomburbia Map

Another set of Golden Gnomes can be found on the Herbal Assault map Zomburbia. For this map, the plants are on the offensive. In order to locate the hidden collectibles, the plant team must begin by reaching the third capture point at the Zompark Zoo.

The Zompark Zoo has various odd creatures locked away in cages within an open park. The first Golden Gnome is found within a broken cage along a rock wall on the side. This cage is easiest to access as a zombie, since it is just to the right of the zombie spawn at this capture point.

If you are on the plant team, head toward the Zoo capture point, but keep toward the left side. Look for a rock wall very close to the zombie spawn area. Locate a cage containing a pair of scorpion-like creatures inside. To the left of this scorpion cage, there is another broken cage that has a lounge chair and television set. Search along the back wall of the cage to find a Golden Gnome sticking out of a box on the left. Quickly collect the precious figure to add it to your collection.

There is another Golden Gnome found on the far end of the zoo. Locate the aquarium, and head to the pier on the left. Look for a small sewer grate that flows out to the lake on the left side.

Hop from the shorline onto the small chunk of land that protrudes from the sewer grate. Behind the grate, you'll find a Golden Gnome. Note that if you are a tall character, like Super Brains, you may have trouble collecting the gnome. Switch to a short character so that you can easily grab the collectible.

You can only collect a Golden Gnome once from any location, leaving a silhouette of the gnome in its place. Once you have collected a certain number of Golden Gnomes, be prepared to receive a special phone call within the Backyard Battleground. Head over to USGamer’s Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Guide if you’d like to discover more secrets and hidden locations within Garden Warfare 2.

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