PlatinumGames Studio Head Thinks Battle Royale Genre "Would Be Interesting" to Explore

PlatinumGames Studio Head Thinks Battle Royale Genre "Would Be Interesting" to Explore

"We wouldn't want to make something that was just shooting."

PlatinumGames has a lot in the works right now, from the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Astral Chain (directed by Nier: Automata's lead game designer, Takahisa Taura) to another Switch-exclusive, Bayonetta 3. With E3 quickly approaching, it's likely that we'll see more from at least one of PlatinumGames' in-development projects that we know, and in a new interview, studio head Atsushi Inaba even expressed an interest in a new genre that Platinum may explore.

When talking to Video Games Chronicle, Inaba spoke of the battle royale genre as being popular in western games, adding that younger gamers in Japan are more open to unexplored genres in Japan. "Quite frankly, I personally think it would be interesting to see what sort of take we could have on it," Inaba told the site. "We wouldn't want to make something that was just shooting. With Apex Legends the quality bar is so high that we wouldn’t want to go in that direction. Trying to come up with something that's our taste in that genre could be very interesting."

Battle royale games, as proven by the likes of Apex Legends, Fortnite, and even Ring of Elysium, are best when they offer something different from their competition. In Apex Legends' case, that comes in being partially a hero shooter; for Fortnite, it's its seasonal structure; in Ring of Elysium, it's, uh, snowboarding or mountain climbing. With a unique twist, battle royale games can stand out in the crowd. With Inaba's musing on the genre, maybe a PlatinumGames battle royale would be the most interesting at all: gun-free, likely leaning on its action combat specialty.

At the end of the interview, Inaba replied, "Sounds good!" with a laugh when reporter Andy Robinson referenced that one day, perhaps a battle royale game from PlatinumGames will proudly decorate the studio's hallway like other games the company has made has. If PlatinumGames is game for a battle royale game, then so are we. Probably.

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