Play as a Toy Soldier in the New Call of Duty WW2 "Sandbox" Map, but Only on PS4 for Now

Play as a Toy Soldier in the New Call of Duty WW2 "Sandbox" Map, but Only on PS4 for Now

The new Sandbox map kicks off the Days of Summer Community Event. Xbox One and PC players can't play with sand castles just yet.

Activision has revealed a brand new map for Call of Duty WW2, one which lets you play as a tiny green toy soldier. The “Sandbox” map is available now on PS4, though PC and Xbox One players will have to wait a full 30 days to get in on the action.

The new Sandbox map brings with it three new weapons, and players will have to with a magnifying glass-welding Captain Butcher as he sets fire to the center of the map. Sandbox kicks off the month-long Days of Summer Community Event. The event, which began on July 31, will add the following new content throughout the month:

  • New community challenge
  • New summer gear
  • 3 new weapons
  • New “Sandbox” map
  • Dogfighting mode
  • Leprechaun hunt
  • Prop hunt

Call of Duty WW2 Days of Summer will run until August 28, after which Xbox One and PC players will gain access to the Sandbox map, something that has not gone over well with the community. While timed-exclusivity has often been applied to Call of Duty paid DLC, this is the first time something like a free community map has been held back for a large section of the player base. For now at least, it seems that the new map is the only feature that non-PS4 users will have to wait for.

Activision is gearing up for another huge Fall period, opening up Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s multiplayer for beta testing this week. Once again, PS4 players will be getting the VIP treatment, getting two weekends to try out the new game compared to one weekend for Xbox One and PC. For more details on the beta, head over to our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Guide.

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