Play the Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer DLC Next Week and Create Your Own JRPG Avatar

Imagine how crazy you can make your hair!

Final Fantasy XV is getting a multiplayer DLC, and you'll be able to try out the "Comrades" expansion next week in a closed preview available for season pass holders.

This is a look

The "Comardes" DLC will let players create their own Final Fantasy XV avatars and team up with friends to go on their own adventure, presumably a road trip. The preview will include multiplayer quests for the whole party to partake in.

While there's no full release date for "Comrades" yet, Square Enix is opening up a closed online test from August 3-8 for players who have the Final Fantasy XV season pass, as well as the requisite online passes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I'm mostly interested in seeing players create their own Final Fantasy XV avatars. Imagine the leather ensembles players can put together if just given a chance to peek into the FFXV wardrobe.

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