Player Vending Is Coming to Fallout 76, but We Don't Know When

Player Vending Is Coming to Fallout 76, but We Don't Know When

"What're you buying" at an unspecified date in the future?

We don’t know when, and we don’t know how it’ll work, but player vending is coming to Fallout 76. The much-requested feature was confirmed to be in the works from Bethesda through a blog post announcement.

So, aside from the fact that it’s coming, what else do we know about player vending in Fallout 76? Well… nothing. Bethesda has only just announced that the feature is coming to the game at an unknown point in the future, which leaves us with more questions than answers.

Will Fallout 76's Atom store be affected by player vending?

The ability to sell items to other players is something that the player base of Fallout 76 has been asking for since launch last year in November. But now we’re left wondering about a few key questions: Are there only certain items that you can sell through player vending? Can you set your own prices? Where can you set up shop on the Fallout 76 map? If you can indeed make a shop, can you name it? Toys R Us, perhaps?

As of right now, we have precious few details about the player vending system coming to Fallout 76. We'll keep an ear out for additional information from Bethesda, and report back when we know more.

If you're wondering what we made of Bethesda's online game, you can head over to our very own Fallout 76 review. Alternatively, if you're only just getting going with the game, you can check out our complete Fallout 76 beginner's guide.

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