Players Can Get Free In-Game Loot After PUBG's Recent Matchmaking Debacle

20,000 BP up for grabs.

News by Matt Kim, .

Yesterday something went wrong in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and connectivity issues made PUBG practically unplayable for some players. While the issue was eventually fixed the issue PUBG Corp. announced that it will be giving away free in-game loot by way of apology.

The issues began after server maintenance on Wednesday. After PUBG came back online some players found that they were unable to connect to the servers or discovered severe lag when connecting to the network. PUBG's live status was soon fluctuating to remedy the problem.

As an apology to players PUBG Corp is offering a hat cosmetic and 20,000 BP in-game Battlegrounds currency to players who log in between now and 5pm October 23. You can use BP to purchase cosmetic crates that cost around 700 BP for a random crate, but opening those crates still requires players to purchase a key for real-world currency.

The issue came at a time when PUBG Corp. is undergoing its Fix PUBG campaign to remedy a lot of the key complaints players have been having. The Fix PUBG campaign is expected to be completed by the end of this month and we will have an update hopefully on how PUBG is working now.

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