Nearly Three Years After Release, Players Found a Never-Before-Discovered Bloodborne Enemy in a Chalice Dungeon

Nearly Three Years After Release, Players Found a Never-Before-Discovered Bloodborne Enemy in a Chalice Dungeon

The giant with the flaming sword wasn't cut from the game after all.

Bloodborne, the not-actually-Dark-Souls-but-kinda-Dark-Souls game from Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, released over two years ago on PlayStation 4 exclusively. It was a beloved game, with its gothic sensibilities; a hard left-turn from the medieval-ness of the Dark Souls franchise. For the majority of players, they believed they had seen all there is to offer. But something proved them wrong.

Early footage of Bloodborne's procedurally generated Chalice Dungeons showed one particular monster that was assumedly cut from the main game. The monster was tall, like so many Bloodborne beasts, and had a giant flaming sword for a hand. Nearly three years on, players never ran into the monster. Until November 19th, 2017, when a group of "Tomb Prospectors" from the Bloodborne subreddit, led by player KolbrotKommander, discovered the thought-to-be-cut flame-projecting giant. The giant was discovered a deep within the Chalice Dungeons, years after audiences got a glimpse of it in action during early footage. Players can use the glyph "pa6ssc6u" in game to face off against the beast themselves, as noticed by Kotaku.

This maybe won't be the last of Bloodborne's hidden secrets. There's other monsters players thought were cut that were seen in early footage. It's entirely possible that there's more lurking in the depths of the procedurally-generated dungeons that have yet to be encountered, buried deep, deep below the earth as this flaming giant was. In the meantime, some players are still holding out for Bloodborne 2, even after Miyazkaki bid farewell to these sorts of RPGs with the final DLC for Dark Souls 3 releasing earlier this year.

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