PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Dev: "Please Bear With Us" On Memory Leak and Server Issues

Bluepoint is getting fairly aggressive with improvements to its battle royale game.

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In its first major update, developer Bluehole has outlined the major fixes planned for its successful battle royale title, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game launched on Steam Early Access at the end of March, breaking more than 100,000 concurrent users on Steam this week. Everything isn't completely rosy though, with players complaining about server issues, memory leaks, and a host of bugs.

Bluehole has promised fixes to most of these issues, though it doesn't have a firm timeline. On the memory leak side of things, the team admits to working on making performance improvements for minimum spec systems since launch, but has the memory leak problem in mind. Bluehole also says the server issue will require more than just a simple tweak.

"We are aware that some of you are experiencing what appear to be memory leaks, and we will work on fixing this going forward," said lead dev Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene. "We are still a relatively small team, so we must focus on one problem at a time right now. We are working to expand the team, but finding the right people with suitable experience and capabilities takes time, so please bear with us."

"I also want to address server lag once again. The lag you experience on the servers is not due to the hardware or size of the server, nor does it have to do with the number of players online. It is due to a networking issue with the core engine code, and it is something we are working hard to resolve, but it is not a simple issue to fix, so it will take us some time."

As part of the general commitment to fixing the game, Bluehole will be launching a Test Server, allowing them to check fixes before rolling them out to the live game.

"We are opening a Test Server to better manage our updates and ensure stability before we push the update to the Live Servers," added Greene. "We will push each new update to this server on the Wednesday of the week, to allow a full days testing before updating the live servers. We will have the exact time you should expect this server to be online tomorrow."

Outside of these plans, Greene released the patch notes for the upcoming update, with some new gear, a few tweaks and performance improvements, and a whole bunch of bug fixes.

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