PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Teases New Desert Map

I hope I can loot sunscreen.

News by Caty McCarthy, .

Oh buddy, the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds news just keeps getting more and more… known. Today we got our first look at one of the two additional maps coming to Battlegrounds. One that according to PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene said at E3 2017's PC Gaming Show is situated in Peru.

The lore of the core map currently in Battlegrounds is muddied—you'll find graffiti in more than a few languages sprayed about. It's obviously a hellish post-apocalyptic world of some sorts, complete with decrepit homes and weapons left every which way you glance. For this new desert-like map and the other said to be including a cosmodrome and heavy snowfall, we're unaware if they too will take place on an island setting.

Breaking in Bluepoint Games' new apparent studio, PlayerUnknown shared a couple work-in-progress screenshots of the new desert map making its way to Battlegrounds one day. And don't worry, there's cacti. Also included in the images are a slight peak at a bike, a railroad track (likely with a burned out unrideable train), and smoke. Lots of smoke.

Battlegrounds recently released its third monthly patch. In the future, the game will be implementing new maps, vaulting, and additional weather. The game remains in Early Access for the time being, until it eventually releases in full on PC and Xbox One.

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