PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Update Lets The Frying Pan Block Bullets

The all-new frying pan meta is incoming.

News by Mike Williams, .

Before now, the frying pan was a simple melee weapon in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, available if you didn't have anything else around with which to kill your opponent. With the game's most recent update though, the frying pan has become a legitimate defensive item, as the cast iron item can block bullets. In a Twitch stream by Dimes_10 posted on Reddit, a test shows an unequipped frying pan blocking a bullet with a satisfying ping.

Further testing has determined that the frying pan also blocks shotgun blasts, can be used as a shield if equipped, and both sides of the pan can block bullets. It apparently even blocks AWM sniper rifle bullets, making the frying pan stronger than some of the best armor currently in the game. This has actually made some fans unhappy.

"It even blocks an AWM shot. Not reduces but BLOCKS. That's way too good. If it's going to block damage then it needs to be instantly destroyed on the first impact with bullets, or just give it small damage reduction an 50ish health. There is no reason why a frying pan should be better than lvl 3 vest," wrote Reddit user Balgar_Smurf.

Other players are over the moon with the new changes, given that the frying pan as a legitimate item was a bit of a joke. Melee isn't the best in Battlegrounds, but a well-placed attack with a frying pan could kill an enemy in one shot. Now, it's a great defensive weapon too. As such, folks have already started joking around about the new Level 4 armor.

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