Playground Games Staffs up for the Rumored Fable Reboot

Remember that Fable rumor?

Playground Games has made six new hirings in total, taking former Rocksteady, EA Motive, and BioWare talent. These hirings are all for Playground Games' second studio, working on a mysterious new project.

Yesterday on June 30, our sister site reported that Playground Games had hired six new members of staff. The new recruits (and their former workplaces) are: Noel Lukasewich (BioWare), Rob den Dekker (Ninja Theory), Scotty Brown (EA Motive), Chris Goodall (Ninja Theory), Joe McKernan (previously at Playground), and Martin Lancaster (Rocksteady).

Two former Ninja Theory members join Playground.

All these hires will be working at Playground Games' second studio, which was opened last year. This is the studio that has already hired talent from the GTA, Metal Gear Solid, and Hellblade studios. So, what could this second studio be working on?

Back near the beginning of this year, our sister site Eurogamer reported that Playground Games were developing a new entry in the Fable franchise. Eurogamer reported that Playground were busy staffing up for the big game near the beginning of this year, in January, and this could be what the six new hires might be working on at Playground.

As ever though, we'll have to wait and see for any announcements from Playground Games or Microsoft. For now though, you can head over to our Forza Horizon 4 guide, for complete details on Playground Games' upcoming game, set to launch this Fall.