PlayStation 3 Emulator Now Supports Jaw-Dropping 4K

Demon's Souls in 4K!

News by Matt Kim, .

RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator for PC currently in development, announced that it added support for "resolutions far exceeding what the PS3 could handle." To prove it, RPCS3 released a trailer showcasing a variety of PS3 games like Ni No Kuni and Demon's Souls running in 4K, and they look gorgeous.

High resolution rendering for RPCS3 can apparently run as high as 10k, though the blog states that few will have the setup capable of actually benefiting from the feature. Still, the developers write that "emulation is all about preserving for tomorrow."

The video shows side-by-side comparisons of popular PlayStation 3 games with one screen running a game at 720p (the native resolution for the PS3), and the other screen showing off 4K rendering with 16x anisotropic filtering. Games with high quality assets benefit particularly from the new resolution and filters, which will be available for every PS3 game running on RPCS3. However, the developers caution that anisotropic filtering doesn't work yet with Strict Rendering Mode though it will be coming eventually.

The developers of RPCS3 recently came afoul of Atlus when the Japanese RPG developer issued a DMCA takedown of the RPCS3 Patreon page for advertising emulation compatibility with Persona 5. Patreon refused to comply with the takedown, but RPCS3 scrubbed all mention of Persona 5 from its websites and databases. The high resolution showcase video for does advertise another Atlus title, Catherine, running in 4K which feels like a light jab at Atlus.

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