PlayStation 4 Celebrates Sales Milestone With PS4 Gold, Isn't Afraid of Xbox's Project Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Celebrates Sales Milestone With PS4 Gold, Isn't Afraid of Xbox's Project Scorpio

Nearly 60 million PlayStation 4s sit in homes around the world.

Despite a dramatic couple of months in the video game hardware field with the Nintendo Switch release and Xbox Project Scorpio reveal, the PlayStation 4 is still the console to beat. Sony announced that it's sold almost 60 million consoles since the PS4 launch in 2013. To celebrate, Sony is planning massive sales, a new gold PS4, and talked a little about how Sony views the competition.

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PlayStation 4 Gold

First, a couple of big Sony milestones. Since 2016, the company sold 1 million PlayStation VR headesets, and one in five PS4 sold since November have been the PlayStation 4 Pro model which supports 4K gaming. By comparison, Microsoft no longer reports the sales figures for the Xbox One, but analysts suggest the figures are below 30 million. Likewise, the Nintendo Switch was only available since March, but has become Nintendo's fastest selling console.

Sony plans on celebrating this milestone with "Days of Play", a week of sales from June 9-17 with promotions on PlayStation software and hardware as well as the launch of a gold PlayStation 4, which will be sold for $249 USD.

As far as the competition is concerned, Sony doesn't appear to be too worried. Sitting down with Business Insider, PlayStation Global Sales and Marketing lead Jim Ryan explained that the last couple of months since the launch of PSVR and PS4 Pro, "it could have scarcely gone better." The success of both PS4 additions were met with shortages of both the PS4 Pro and PS VR headsets, but Sony will ramp up production to meet with demand.

Soon however, the PS4 Pro won't be the only 4K capable console available, but Ryan says that Sony isn't too worried about the Xbox Project Scorpio, or the not 4K Nintendo Switch, which Sony believes can co-exist with the PS4. Citing the early head start of the PS4 Pro, as well as an array of exclusive games like Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Horizon: Zero Dawn (which to date sold 3.4 million copies), Sony says it "won't be afraid of what [Xbox does]."

As for the future, Sony views the VR as an interesting step forward that will open the doors for new types of gamers, but is still too early to know definitively how players will continue to respond to VR gaming. In the meantime, Sony says they are confident in their line-up of exclusive software and hardware offerings. We will be watching as Sony details more of their future plans at E3 next week.

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