Each PlayStation 5 Costs "Around $450" to Manufacture, Claims New Report

Each PlayStation 5 Costs "Around $450" to Manufacture, Claims New Report

Sounds like scarce parts for the PS5 are driving up the manufacturing costs.

We have few concrete details to go on surrounding the PlayStation 5 right now, but a new report sheds some light on some goings on behind the scenes. The PS5 manufacturing costs have allegedly been revealed, as well as Sony's struggle to acquire parts.

In a new report from Bloomberg by veteran tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki, manufacturing costs for the PS5 have been detailed. According to Mochizuki, scarce components have pushed the manufacturing costs for the PS5 to around $450 per unit, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

The official PS5 logo was revealed in January. | Sony

Mochizuki notes that this will force Sony into a difficult price-setting decision in comparison with Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which will be launching alongside Sony's PS5 near the end of 2020. Previously, Sony's PS4 retailed for $399 at launch in 2013, which cost roughly $381 to manufacture per unit, according to a report from IHS Markit.

The report from Bloodberg speculates that the PS5 would have to retail for $470 at a minimum, if the $450 manufacturing cost per unit holds true later this year. Currently, Sony's highest priced PS4 model is the PlayStation 4 Pro, which now retails for $399.

In recent PS5 news, a patent filing from Sony revealed the PS5 controller may have back paddles. There's now an official PS5 website as of earlier this month, but Sony won't be appearing at E3 2020 in June in any capacity, setting speculation in motion that a reveal could be coming in the months prior.

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