PlayStation CEO Says It's Emphasizing "Value As Opposed to Price" For PS5

PlayStation CEO Says It's Emphasizing "Value As Opposed to Price" For PS5

Sony is focused on the value proposition of a next-gen console.

PlayStation finally revealed the look of its new next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, last week. No price has been set just yet, but when asked about it, CEO Jim Ryan says the company is focused on the value proposition of the PS5.

Speaking to the BBC, Ryan says that even in a time of economic uncertainty, the games industry tends to be fairly recession-proof. That said, current events like the COVID-19 pandemic do sharped the need to consider the price of a new console.

"But I think this will sharpen our need to ensure that we focus on getting the value equation right," said Ryan. "And I emphasise value as opposed to price."

Ryan says that PlayStation must be "more attentive than ever" to ensure the value proposition—not just the console, but the quality and quantity of games—is something that the community "aspires towards."

For Microsoft, Phil Spencer has said before that Xbox is trying to stay agile with Series X pricing. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly introduced an air of uncertainty, and so far, neither the PS5 nor the Xbox Series X has a price set.

In PlayStation's case, there were two consoles revealed during last week's stream: one with a disk drive, and one without. No price difference has been announced between the two versions, though the lack of a disc drive could certainly stir some hopes towards a cheaper version.

With a number of exclusive games and a console finally shown, PlayStation seems to finally be surging back into contention in the next-gen console race. Xbox is set to debut its first-party lineup in July, but it seems like for both companies, having value in both the hardware and software at launch will be big.

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