PlayStation Classic's First Week Sales in Japan Way Underperformed Compared to SNES Classic

First week sales for both PlayStation Classic and SNES Classic highlights a wide gap.

The PlayStation Classic, Sony's answer to the mini retro craze, hasn't caught fire like Nintendo's NES and SNES offerings with sales figures in Japan reporting the PS Classic sold less than half in its first week compared to Nintendo's SNES Classic.

Media Create's report from the first week of PS Classic sales in Japan and says Sony's retro console sold 120,000 units at launch. By comparison, the SNES Classic sold 369,000 units in Japan in just its first four days. The NES Classic was also popular enough that it outsold the PS4 in North America back in April 2017 according to NPD.

The PlayStation Classic is a well-built piece of hardware, but it's not immediately clear why the retro plug-and-play system hasn't caught on the same way as Nintendo's consoles. It could be the software line-up which some fans were disappointed by. It could also be the emulation technology that limits the frame-rate of some games.

Either way, the PS Classic is still recent, so time will tell how much legs the system will have in the holidays. It might also help that the PS Classic has already been hacked, making it a curiosity to modders looking for something new to experiment with. Especially since Nintendo announced the end of the NES and SNES Classic line.

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