PlayStation to Launch Nintendo Direct-Alike, State of Play, on March 25

The first episode will probably be light on Muppets and Robot Chicken skits.

Think you can handle the excitement of three digital game showcases? Well, you'd better start preparing yourself, because now Sony has its own answer to Nintendo Direct and Inside Xbox called "State of Play." The first show airs next week.

Sony revealed State of Play earlier today. The show is meant to turn the spotlight on new game announcements, new trailers, and cool news about the PS4 and PS VR in general. You can tune into the debut episode yourself on Monday, March 25 at 2 p.m. PDT / 5 p.m. EST.

That's the "when." As for the "where," Sony has feeds for State of Play on its official Twitch channel, its YouTube channel, its Twitter account, and its Facebook page. All that availability is Sony's subtle way of saying "You have no excuse to miss this."

This is just the start, apparently. Sony plans to air more State of Play episodes throughout the year.

It's clear Sony's taken note of the hype Nintendo manages to drum up with its Nintendo Direct video showcases (and Microsoft, too, to a lesser extent with Inside Xbox), and it wants a little piece of that excitement for itself. This move is made even less surprising when taken with Sony's decision to skip E3 2019 entirely. Digital showcases like Nintendo Direct, and presumably State of Play, are a little easier to put together, a little more cost-effective, and a little more controlled—though it's still strange Sony is skipping E3 entirely. Even though Nintendo doesn't have an E3 press conference anymore, it still has games on the show floor.

Of course, we'll cover the State of Play thoroughly here at USG. Stay with us when the show airs on Monday!

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