PlayStation VR Sells Nearly a Million Units Across Four Months

PlayStation VR Sells Nearly a Million Units Across Four Months

The PlayStation VR headset is selling like mad thanks to its decent price-point and Resident Evil VII.

It's probably a bit too early to declare a winner for the Great VR Race of 2016, but if you're the betting sort, you might want to lay down a few bucks on the PlayStation VR. It's sold nearly a million units since its launch in October 2016, and demand is still outstripping supply.

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Andrew House, the global chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, revealed last Friday that over 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets had been sold by February 19. Sony aimed to sell a million headsets within the first six months of the device's life, and it shouldn't have a hard time hitting that goal.

People just love getting up close and personal with the Bakers.

The headset is especially popular in Japan, where Sony's straining to keep up with demand. "You literally have people lining up outside stores when they know stock is being replenished," House says.

Facebook's Oculus and Valve's HTC Vive are Sony's direct competition in the VR market, but neither has officially released sales numbers for its own devices. Several 2016 round-up reports peg Oculus sales around 355k units and Vive sales around 420k units. Keep in mind those are numbers for 2016 alone – but since PlayStation VR reportedly sold around 745k units by the end of the year, we can assume Sony's headset has been "the winner" for quite some time now.

The PlayStation VR's affordable price point is probably one reason why it's triumphing over Oculus and Vive. Not that it's cheap, but $400 USD ($500 if you want the bundle that comes with Move controllers and the PlayStation camera) is do-able next to Oculus ($600 USD) and Vive ($799 USD).

Resident Evil VII also helped push PlayStation VR in a big way. Capcom's acclaimed survival horror game is on PC and Xbox One as well as PlayStation, but its VR capabilities are exclusive to PlayStation 4 for now. According to House, since Resident Evil VII was released, the amount of time users spend with their PlayStation VR headset has doubled.

Whichever headset you prefer, may you enjoy it with a calm stomach.

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