Pokemon Artist Gives Kirby Legs and a Purpose, and Now He Cannot Be Stopped

Pokemon Artist Gives Kirby Legs and a Purpose, and Now He Cannot Be Stopped

Look out world, Kirby has some important poyo to take care of.

Pokemon designer James Turner seems to have a thing for drawing Kirby as humanity was never meant to see him. One of his recent ongoing art projects is a gallery that revolves around a long-legged Kirby wearing pants, going to his grown-up job, and then eating ice cream at the completion of a long day.

Turner started making us all uncomfortable back in February when he unleashed a picture of "Buff Kirby." In a series of sketches, Kirby does push-ups, poses, and reclines while eating ice cream. Why pump iron when you can poyo iron?

Six months later, Kirby remembered leg day and he subsequently overcompensated. Turner's picture of Kirby in "grown-up pants" shows the puffball with actual human legs—which are mercifully covered by the business suit he's wearing.

Kirby needs to work on his company motto, which is currently "Kirby: He Sucks More than Anything!" | Source: James Turner

Turner's been gradually updating his Long-Legged Kirby thread with new entries since August, and the pictures quickly turn from unsettling to adorable. (I guess Turner has that knack for balancing creepy with cute; it comes with the territory when you're a Pokemon designer.) As Kirby lives his life through this deep art series, we get to watch him shake hands to close important business deals, point to pie graphs that display the state of "poyo," and reach for his "non negotiable" morning cup of coffee.

Someone please stop Kirby before he downloads that dolphin_screensaver_exe file he's eyeing. | Source: James Turner

When Kirby's hard work is done, he takes the time to ease back onto a favorite bench and eat some ice cream. It's important to relax when you're running the rat race, and Kirby knows it. Let us not judge by looks: We can all learn something from bizarre man-legged Kirby.

If Kirby's new threads and lengthy extremities still make you nervous whenever you look at them, I'm afraid your only choices are "Too Bad" and "Deal with It." You can't tell Kirby what to do. Every day that he doesn't awaken to the dark side of his latent Elder God powers is a good day.

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