Pokemon Crystal Coming to 3DS eShop, Making Pokemon Gold and Silver Instantly Outdated

Prepare to be confused.

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Pokemon Crystal will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in early 2018, Nintendo announced today, which will have the rather amusing effect of making Pokemon Gold and Silver—which launched on 3DS eShop earlier this year—immediately outdated.

Like Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal is an update to Gold and Silver featuring the same region and storyline. But unlike Yellow, which a curiosity that focused on the anime, Crystal is a straight update that effectively replaces Gold and Silver.

It includes numerous improvements over Gold and Silver, including animated sprites (then a first for the series), a special Suicune-focused sidequest, and the Battle Tower. It also lets you capture both Ho-Oh and Lugia, obviating the need to trade with a second version.

Best of all: you can finally choose your gender in Pokemon Crystal.

As a nice bonus, Celebi will be obtainable in this version of Pokemon Crystal. Previously, Celebi was only available as part of a Japanese-exclusive promotion in which you acquired the GS Ball via the Pokemon Mobile Phone System GB. The 3DS version of Pokemon Crystal will make it much simpler.

Pokemon Crystal launches January 26 on 3DS eShop, where it will be available for $9.99—the same price as Gold and Silver. Suffice it to say, Crystal is the version you want.

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