Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge Guide - Start/End Dates, Global Catch Challenge Rewards, Pokemon GO Travel - Everything we Know

Niantic has unveiled the Pokemon GO Travel and Global Catch Challenge events, running for only a week, and challenging players to catch 3 billion Pokemon worldwide.

The Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge was announced through the Pokemon GO Travel video series, combining the efforts of players around the world, and challenging all players to capture 3 billion total Pokemon combined. In this Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge guide, we'll be giving you all the information you need for the new event, including when it starts and ends, as well as all the rewards you can obtain, should everyone succeed in capturing 3 billion Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge End Date

First announced in the trailer just below on November 20, the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge has actually already begun, as it started on the very same day that the trailer first went online. The Pokemon GO Travel trailer revealed that the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge event will be running from Novmeber 20, to November 26, worldwide.

We don't actually have an exact time for when the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge event will end on November 26, as Niantic hasn't announced any specific details as of right now. You can be sure that we'll be updating this guide as soon as we hear anything about the exact end time for the event.

What we do know however, is that the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge event will conclude with the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan, on November 26.

Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge Rewards

In the screenshot posted just below, you can see all the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge rewards. There are Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers to unlock worldwide, and although everyone around the globe will unlock a Farfetch'd should Gold tier be unlocked, only East Asia will unlock Kangaskhan, for some reason.

Other rewards include a double XP bonus as well more Pokemon appearing worldwide for the Bronze tier at 500,000,000 Pokemon caught worldwide, and the same rewards plus more for the Silver and Gold tiers being achieved, at 1.5 billion Pokemon caught and 3 billio Pokemon caught, respectively.

At the time of writing however on November 21, the Bronze tier has already been unlocked by trainers worldwide, as the official Pokemon GO Twitter account announced that XP Bonus, and more rewards from the Bronze tier had been achieved through players catching 500,000,000 Pokemon worldwide already.

Therefore, with only one day down in the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge, trainers around the world are actually on course to beat the milestone of having 3 billion Pokemon captured by the end of November 26. They'll need to catch at least 500,000,000 Pokemon a day in order to succeed though, so they can't afford to let up.

These are all the total details we have right now for the Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge, as well as the Pokemon GO Travel video series. We'll continually update this guide however, so that if anything should change around the event, for instance the time or date that it ends, you can be sure to hear about it first right here.

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