Pokemon Go is Introducing Team Changes, But There's a Steep Price for Betrayal

Pokemon Go is Introducing Team Changes, But There's a Steep Price for Betrayal

You can turn your back on your old Pokemon Go team, if you dare.

Pokemon Go allows players to align itself with a team. But after years of fighting alongside your chosen family, you can tell them "smell ya later" when Niantic introduces team changes later this month.

Previously, choosing a team was a permanent action, but if you're a Valor trainer who's always wondered what they'd look like in Mystic blue, then you can do so on February 26. But according to a new blog published by Niantic today, it won't be cheap.

Trainers can purchase Team Medallions for 1,000 PokeCoins, or about $10 USD. You'll also be limited to using one Team Medalian every 365 days, so if you want to change teams again (or change back to your previous team) you'll have to wait a whole year to do so.

What's more, if you have any Pokemons in gyms once you change teams, they'll be returned to you with no PokeCoins. There's also no battling any of your own Pokemons, so if you return to a gym you previously ran with your old team, your Pokemon will return to you with no PokeCoins.

There are three teams in Pokemon Go, Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor. There's no real difference between each team other than color, gym leader, and the sense of affiliation. Together with their team players can conquer opposing gyms and paint the town with whatever color their allegiances lie with.

While there are consequences, maybe you just have to join a different team. If that's the case you can do so soon, but just remember what you could be losing once you drop your colors for another. Check out our Pokemon Go guide for our full coverage on Niantic's Pokemon AR game.

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