Pokemon Go Teases Team Rocket With a Hot Air Balloon At European Go Fest

Pokemon Go Teases Team Rocket With a Hot Air Balloon At European Go Fest

And it seems like there's more on the way, too.

The Pokemon universe's infamous crime gang could be on their way to Pokemon Go. At Europe's first Pokemon Go Fest in Dortmund, Germany, fans caught a glimpse of a hot air balloon in the distance bearing Team Rocket's signature R logo.

As fans gathered for the big end-of-day photo at the Go Fest, people spotted the balloon hovering in the distance. It's not an unconventional mode of travel for a team who, in their pursuit to nab Ash's Pikachu in the animated series, would often make use of a hot air balloon (albeit a Meowth-shaped one).

Leaked files have been suggesting Team Rocket is coming to Pokemon Go for a while, and at both Dortmund and the Go event in Chicago, Team Rocket has been photobombing people's in-game pictures and captures. You can also spot Team Rocket members hiding in the game's third anniversary artwork released last week.

The balloon in question, captured by one festival goer. | /u/J0hnd0euf, Reddit

When Eurogamer asked Niantic about forthcoming Team Rocket teases, head of marketing Anne Beuttenmüller said, "We have cool things coming up." Considering the next community day is all about Mudkips (we've heard everyone likes them) and takes place on July 21, there's a strong chance that's when the next tease takes place.

While Pokemon Go is still going strong, Niantic's more recent effort, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, has been struggling with some of the early issues Pokemon Go stumbled over, like users in rural areas. It's also a little complicated and overwrought compared to the simple setup of Pokemon Go. Maybe the first fan festival, being held in Indianapolis, will see a stronger outpouring for the game, much like Go's festivals.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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