Pokemon Go's Niantic Acquires Marvel: Strike Force Developer Seismic Games

Niantic looks to expand its experience with augmented reality.

Niantic Games, the developer behind Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, announced today that it has acquired Seismic Games. If you're not familiar with Seismic, the studio is comprised of developers formerly from Electronic Arts and Activision. Seismic Games has been behind a number of licensed titles, including the mobile role-playing game Marvel: Strike Force and the virtual reality experience of Blade Runner: Revelations.

So what's changing for Seismic Games with the acquisition? Well, the studio is continuing to work on its existing titles; Marvel: Strike Force recently updated with new characters like Ant-Man and the game will be promoted heavily at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con 2018. In terms of the bigger picture though, Seismic Games will be helping Niantic expand further into augmented reality (AR) with all-new experiences.

One example of where Niantic is headed with the Niantic Real World Platform.

"We recently gave a peek under the hood of the Niantic Real World Platform, and we see the addition of Seismic Games as a significant accelerant for realizing our vision of an operating system that bridges the digital and the physical worlds," said Niantic in its official blog post.

Niantic Games gave the world a peek at the Niantic Real World Platform back in late June. The studio has made a number of acquisitions to improve its AR offerings, including computer vision and machine learning companies like Escher Reality and Matrix Mill.

Niantic is betting heavily on augmented reality and the Niantic Real World Platform will act as a toolset other developers can use to make new AR experiences. If it works, Niantic will transform from a development studio to an engine developer, not unlike Epic Games and its Unreal Engine 4. The mention of "operating system" in the quote above points to even higher aspirations, with Niantic hoping to one day have the Niantic Real World Platform stand alongside iOS, Android, or Windows.

"At Niantic, we’re committed to our mission of motivating people to exercise, be social, and discover new places. We’re confident that Seismic Games will help us deliver on that mission — faster, and better," said Niantic.

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