Pokemon Home: Can You Access the GTS on Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon Home: Can You Access the GTS on Nintendo Switch?

We take a look at whether it's possible to access the Global Trade System via the Pokemon Home app for Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Home is out now for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It allows players to transfer Pokemon between games, and trade Pokemon via the GTS (Global Trade System). It's the GTS that we're concerned with in this guide, specifically how to access it in Pokemon Home. We'll take a look at whether you can access the GTS on Nintendo Switch, and what you can do once you're in.

How to Access the GTS on Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Home currently has two apps available, one for iOS and Android, and one for Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version does not have any GTS functionality. You cannot access the Global Trade System in Pokemon Home using a Nintendo Switch.

What is the GTS?

If you've been keeping up with Pokemon Home you'll know that it allows players to access the GTS. This lets trainers trade Pokemon with others around the world, letting them get their hands on Pokemon they might not have access to. You can add players to the Global Trade System, and also search for specific Pokemon you want.

How to Access the GTS Using Pokemon Home

To use the GTS in Pokemon Home you'll need to download it on your mobile device. From there, load it up and then select 'Trade'. The screen will turn blue, and give you the option to select 'GTS'. Do so, and you're free to deposit Pokemon and search for ones you wish to trade for.

So there you have it, you can't access the Pokemon Home GTS on Nintendo Switch. For more on Pokemon Home be sure to check out our guide on transferring Pokemon between games. For help with Pokemon Sword and Shield, head here.

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