Pokemon Home Will Connect Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Let's Go to One Big Online Service

Pokemon Home Will Connect Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Let's Go to One Big Online Service

One home for all your Pokemon, accessible everywhere.

The Pokemon Company is aiming to link all your Pokemon together under a single roof. Announced at the company's press conference today, Pokemon Home will be a program that allows you to transfer your Pokemon across multiple games and devices, for one shared stable.

Aiming for an early 2020 launch, Pokemon Home will link together multiple outlets with a single cloud service, accessible by smartphones or the Nintendo Switch. Linkable platforms include the 3DS Pokemon bank, the mobile Pokemon Go, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, and the upcoming Sword and Shield. It looks like, from the graphic shown below, Pokemon can only be transferred into Sword and Shield from Home, likely to avoid issues with new Pokemon and older platforms.

A graphic showing the transfer possiblites in Pokemon Home. | The Pokemon Company

"The concept behind Pokemon Home is to be a place where all Pokemon can gather," said Junichi Masuda, managing director of Gamefreak.

Pokemon Home users will be able to access their bank of pocket monsters with select devices, as well as trade them using smartphones "anytime, anywhere." This trading can happen globally between players, or with friends or nearby trainers. Masuda also says Pokemon Home will support updates for future Pokemon content.

This means your current Pokemon library, whether stored on Pokemon Go or still being caught in Let's Go, Pikachu! can be ported forward to Sword or Shield. So if you're looking to have that perfect team day one, you should probably get to catching and training.

Pokemon Home wasn't the only thing announced, as the Pokemon Company confirmed it would be working on bringing Detective Pikachu to the Nintendo Switch, a solid move considering the film's popularity. There's also a Poke-themed sleep app and a new mobile game called Pokemon Masters.

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