Pokemon Home's Professor Grand Oak is a Chaotic Grandpa, and the Memes Are Writing Themselves

Pokemon Home's Professor Grand Oak is a Chaotic Grandpa, and the Memes Are Writing Themselves

If Grand Oak gives you some chocolate and it tastes bitter, stop eating it immediately.

When you use the Pokemon Home storage/Pokemon transfer system for the first time, you'll meet a new species of Oak calling himself "Grand Oak." Grand Oak's futuristic shades, smartwatch, and rolled-up labcoat sleeves give him a "How do you do, fellow kids?" vibe, but he's also carrying a lush head of silver hair despite his age, so I guess he's the one laughing at the end of the day.

I suppose we should've foreseen some kind of Oak presence in Pokemon Home. Seems the Oak bloodline is more fecund than Nurse Joy's or Officer Jenny's. Like his kin, Grand Oak is determined to collect data on every Pokemon known to humankind—and he's content to let you do the heavy lifting while he shacks up with Ash's mom or whatever. He's a smart fox, that Grand Oak. A smart silver fox.

Twitter's meme-making engines started spinning like a Hitmontop as soon as Grand Oak made Pokemon fans' acquaintance yesterday evening. For starters, the grizzled Pokemon Professor's introduction has prompted a surge in the old Vinesauce "GRAND DAD?" meme, wherein YouTuber Joel bellows in confusion and disgust over a bootlegged Super Mario game.

Grand Oak's resemblance to Dragon Ball Z's Grand Kai hasn't gone unnoticed, either.

No memes are allowed to happen without at least one reference to Back to the Future, of course. You know the law. Break it at your own peril.

No one would accuse Grand Oak of being hip, but we appreciate that he tries.

Pardon, I might stand corrected on that last one. I could totally see Grand Oak putting on some Floyd and asking you if you wanted to do some Morelull with him.

If you're unsure of Grand Oak's capabilities as a professor and an instructor, we have a guide that explains how to use Pokemon Home. Or if you're just starting out on your Galarian Pokemon journey for the first time, we have a Pokemon type chart that will help you slay all your PokeFoes quickly and efficiently.

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