Pokemon Let's Go Will Let Players Change a Wild Pokemon's Nature

Pokemon Let's Go Will Let Players Change a Wild Pokemon's Nature

A potentially big deal for competitive Pokemon.

Pokemon Let's Go! Is adding a mechanic that will let players change the nature of their Pokemon possibly opening a way for competitive Pokemon trainers to have better control over their Pokemon's stats.

Following today's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo Treehouse team broke down some more details about Nintendo's other big holiday release, Pokemon Let's Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! One of which was the revelation that nature, an important component in a Pokemon's stats, can be changed.

Pokemon nature, like "Hardy" or "Impish" for example, determine a Pokemon's stats. Depending on the combination of factors a specific nature can raise Sp. Attack and decrease Speed. There's a handy breakdown of it here.

The nature system was introduced in Gen. 3 and has become just another layer of depth to Pokemon's robust RPG suite. Changing nature could be a big deal for hardcore Pokemon trainers looking to get the most out of their prized Pokemon.

To change a Pokemon's nature in Pokemon Let's Go! Players will have to meet up with a fortune teller at the Pokemon Center who will then ask the players some questions to decide what nature to give wild Pokemons players encounter in the wild. The nature will remain that way until the of one real-world day, so you won't be able to use this feature at your leisure.

Pokemon Let's Go! Is coming out for the Nintendo Switch on November 16. Check out our Pokemon Let's Go! Guides for more information.

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