Pokemon Masters Battle System: How to Win Battles

Pokemon Masters Battle System: How to Win Battles

Pokemon Masters features a unique 3v3 battle system. Here’s everything you need to know.

Pokemon Masters presents a brand new island location to explore, and a new Pokemon League to conquer. You’ll do so by competing in 3v3 battles against teams of other trainers. It’s a slightly different system to what we’ve seen previously, and it’ll take you a little while to get used to fully. To help ease you in, we’ve put together this Pokemon Masters Battle System Guide We’ll explain how battling works in Pokemon Masters, take a look at Move Types, Teams, and Costs per turn. We’ll also explain how to make the most of your Move Gauge, so that you can win battles as quickly as possible.

Pokemon Masters Battle System

Pokemon Masters features a new battle system, with teams of three Sync Pairs each facing off in real-time combat. It’s slightly different to what you might be used to from previous Pokemon games, so we’ll be going into more detail later in this article.

You Can Battle Single-Player or in Co-Op in Pokemon Masters

You have two choices while playing Pokemon Masters: go it alone or head into Co-Op. In single-player, you’ll control all three Sync Pairs in your team, and can attack whenever your Move Gauge allows for a move to be triggered. Cooperative play is a little different however, as you’ll only control one Sync Pair of the three. You will work in tandem to trigger attacks, generating a constant flurry of attacks towards opponents.

Pokemon Masters Recommended Type

Before heading into battle, you’ll see the ‘Recommended Type’ tab up in the top left of the screen. This informs you what the main weaknesses of your opponents are, and helps you plan your team accordingly. Generally, try to build teams that exploit these weaknesses as often as you can.

Pokemon Masters Move Gauge Explained

The Move Gauge is an extremely important element to keep track of while battling in Pokemon Masters. Every attack will cost a certain number of bars from the Move Gauge. The Move Gauge fills up gradually over time, so you’ll need to weigh up whether or not you should attack right away, or wait for a more powerful attack to charge.

How to Build Your Team in Pokemon Masters

In Pokemon Masters, you’ll build a team form three of the Sync Pairs you’ve collected. There are three roles that a Sync Pair can operate in, and you’ll want to keep your team as balanced as possible. For more info on this, head over to our Pokemon Masters Sync Moves Guide.

Pokemon Moves and Trainer Moves: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of move in Pokemon Masters. The first are Pokemon attacks. These function in the same way that you are used to, and cost a certain amount of the Move Gauge to trigger. Trainer Moves are a little different, as they do not pull from the Move Gauge in the same way. Instead, there is a number listed on each one, with finite uses available for each match.

Pokemon Masters: How to Win Battles

Winning battles in Pokemon Masters usually depends on how well you exploit weaknesses and how you structure your team. We recommend having two supports and a strike Pokemon to start with, using the two supports to buff the attacks of the strike pokemon. Use your Move Gauge wisely, and be sure to trigger your Sync Move when you can. Often waiting until you can unleash a more powerful attack is worthwhile.

For more on Pokemon Masters, why not learn all about Sync Pairs in our Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs Guide. For other info, there’s our Pokemon Masters Everything We Know. There's also our look at Battle Roles and our guide on How to Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters.

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