Pokemon Masters Best Pokemon: Best Support, Strike and Tech Pokemon

Pokemon Masters Best Pokemon: Best Support, Strike and Tech Pokemon

Here’s our picks for the best Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon Masters pits players against an increasingly difficult set of trainers and their Pokemon. As you progress through the game, the challenge really ramps up, and by chapter 10 you’ll need to be building out your team to optimize your attacks. This can be tricky with 65 Sync Pairs to choose from, especially given how time consuming it can be to level them up from starting level. To help you build the best team possible in Pokemon Masters, we’ve put together this Pokemon Masters Best Pokemon Guide. We’ll detail the best Pokemon in Support, Tech and Strike roles, explaining why you’ll want them to be a part of your Pokemon Masters team.

Pokemon Masters Best Pokemon

As you may know already, there are three different roles that Pokemon can fall into: Strike, Support and Tech. As a result, there is no best Pokemon for all roles, instead there’s a selection that will help you build out a well-rounded team. We’ve split these into categories below, so be sure to read on for the best Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

  • Noland & Mega Pinsir
  • Brendan & Treecko
  • Karen & Mega Houndoom
  • Barry & Empoleon
  • Rosa & Serperior
  • Hilbert & Oshawott
  • Koga & Crobat
  • Crasher Wake & Floatzel
  • Agatha & Mega Gengar

Pokemon Masters Best Strike Pokemon

Let’s start off by taking a look at the best strike Pokemon in Pokemon Masters. You can split these into two categories: physical and special. We’ve listed the best strike Pokemon below:

  • Noland & Mega Pinsir (Physical)
  • Brendan & Treecko(Physical)
  • Karen & Mega Houndoom (Special)
  • Barry & Empoleon (Special)

Pokemon Masters Best Support Pokemon

Now onto the best Support Pokemon in Pokemon Masters. These are best for using passive moves to buff your team, and for winding down the counter triggering Sync Moves. Check out the best support Pokemon in Pokemon Masters below:

  • Rosa & Serperior
  • Hilbert & Oshawott

Pokemon Masters Best Tech Pokemon

Tech Pokemon are used to add status effects on opponents. They are an important part of your team to consider, as they can block potentially powerful attacks from being inflicted on your Pokemon. We’ve listed the best Tech Pokemon in Pokemon Masters below:

  • Koga & Crobat
  • Crasher Wake & Floatzel
  • Agatha & Mega Gengar

For more on Pokemon Masters, why not learn all about Sync Pairs in our Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs Guide. For other info, there’s our Pokemon Masters Everything We Know. There's also our look at Battle Roles and our guide on How to Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters.

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