Pokemon Masters Co-Op: How to Unlock Multiplayer and Unleash Unity Attacks

Pokemon Masters Co-Op: How to Unlock Multiplayer and Unleash Unity Attacks

You can buddy up with two other players in Pokemon Masters. Here’s how Pokemon Masters Co-Op works.

Pokemon Masters takes place on the island of Pasio, a new locale for the series. Also new are the Sync Pairs that inhabit Pasio, essentially duos of Trainers and Pokemon that work in tandem in battles. This cooperative alliance extends to the multiplayer in Pokemon Masters too, as you can team up in groups of three to battle it out against others. In this Pokemon Masters Co-Op Guide, we’ll take a look at how you can unlock cooperative play in Pokemon Masters, and how the battle system changes once you do so.

How to Unlock Co-Op in Pokemon Masters

You won’t be able to head into Co-Op right away in Pokemon Masters. Instead, you’ll need to reach Chapter 11, so that you are used to all of the new systems Pokemon Masters throws at you. After that though, you can squad up before battles to take them on as a team.

Pokemon Masters Unity Attacks

You’ve no doubt heard of Sync Moves by now, but there’s an even more powerful kind of attack that you can trigger while playing Pokemon Masters Co-Op. They’re called Unity Attacks, and can be triggered once all three members in your team have full Move Gauges. Unity attacks are only available in cooperative play.

Pokemon Masters: Is There PvP?

Given that Pokemon Masters features online co-op, you might be wondering whether or not there is also PvP play to enjoy. Unfortunately this is not the case, as revealed in our recent Pokemon Master Interview . The reasoning behind stripping PvP out of the game is to make it less daunting for new players to jump in.

For more on Pokemon Masters, why not learn all about Sync Pairs in our Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs Guide. For other info, there’s our Pokemon Masters Everything We Know. There's also our look at Battle Roles and our guide on How to Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters.

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