Pokemon Masters Move Learning - How to Learn New Moves

Pokemon Masters Move Learning - How to Learn New Moves

If you want you Pokemon to be in tip top shape in Pokemon Masters, you’ll need to teach them new moves. Here’s how.

Pokemon Masters is the latest mobile Pokemon offering from Dena and Nintendo. It drops players onto the Isle of Pasio, where Trainers have learned to sync up with a Pokemon of their choosing. There’s also The Pokemon Masters League to conquer, so you’ll need to build up a hardy team of Sync Pairs. Part of this is done through teaching your Sync Pairs new moves, which you’ll need to do often to stay ahead. In this Pokemon Masters Move Learning Guide, we’ll be taking a look at how to teach new moves to the Pokemon and Trainers in each of your Sync Pairs.

How to Teach New Moves in Pokemon Masters

Each of your Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters can learn up to four moves to use in battle. This includes Trainer Moves and Pokemon Moves, but does not include Passive Abilities. To teach new moves to your Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs head into the ‘Moves and Skills’ menu. From here you’ll be able to use any of the TMs you have gathered to Learn new Moves. You’ll need to spend Items to unlock the new move.

Learning New Trainer Moves in Pokemon Masters

As we mentioned before, your move will be made up of Pokemon Moves and Trainer Moves. Trainer Moves are unlocked in the same way as Pokemon Moves, and will take up one of your four spaces.

Learning new moves in Pokemon Masters | Nintendo

Can You Learn New Sync Moves in Pokemon Masters?

Given that Pokemon Masters is still not out in the wild yet, we don’t have a lot of info regarding Sync Moves. We do know that each Sync Pair only has one Sync Move, which can be levelled up by scouting out duplicate Sync Pairs. To learn new Sync Moves, you need to reach the final evolution form for a Pokemon in a Sync Pair..

For more on Pokemon Masters, why not learn all about Sync Pairs in our Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs Guide. For other info, there’s our Pokemon Masters Everything We Know. There's also our look at Battle Roles and our guide on How to Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters.

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