Pokemon Masters Sync Moves: How to Unlock More Sync Moves

Pokemon Masters Sync Moves: How to Unlock More Sync Moves

Sync Moves are the most powerful attacks in Pokemon Masters. Here’s what you need to know about them

Pokemon Masters retools the turn-based battle system seen in previous Pokemon games into a brand new thing entirely. You’ll battle with three Sync Pairs: teams of Pokemon and Trainers who work with each other to launch attacks. Each Sync Pair has its own Sync Move, a devastating powered up attack involving Trainer and Pokemon. In this Pokemon Masters Sync Moves Guide, we’ll go into detail on what Sync Moves are, How to Unlock Sync Moves, and list all of the Sync Moves we’ve found so far.

Pokemon Masters Sync Moves Explained

Sync Moves are the most powerful attacks in Pokemon Masters. They are located right at the center of the battle screen, and once triggered, unleash a devastating move which combines energy from both Trainer and Pokemon. Every Sync Pair has a unique Sync Move, so there are a bunch to find and experiment with.

How to Trigger Sync Moves Pokemon Masters

You can’t just use Sync Moves whenever you want to during Pokemon Masters Battles. Instead, you’ll see a number next to the Sync Move icon, corresponding to the number of actions that must be completed until the Sync Move is fully charged. Attacks, Healing effects and buffs all count as an action, and once the counter reaches zero you can trigger the Sync Move.

Pokemon Masters Sync Moves List

As we mentioned previously, tevery Sync Pair has its own Sync Move. You can also unlock more Sync Moves (more on that later), so there’s plenty of Sync Moves to find and use. To help you keep track, we’ve put together a Pokemon Masters Sync Moves List below:

  • Supercute Rolling Tackle (Whitney & Miltank)
  • Thunder of Newfound Passion (You and Pikachu)
  • Give it All Ya Got Power-Up Punch (Korrina and Lucario)

How to Unlock More Sync Moves in Pokemon Masters

So far, we only know one way of getting new Sync Moves in Pokemon Masters. If you evolve a Pokemon into its final form, you’ll learn a new Sync Move. Head to our Pokemon Masters Evolution Guide for more info on this. Once we get our hands on Pokemon Masters we’ll be sure to add more methods of earning Sync Moves.

How to Level Up Sync Moves in Pokemon Masters

Getting a new Sync Move is only the beginning, as you can actually level them up. To do so, just Scout out new Sync Pairs. If you find a duplicate for one you already have, you’ll level up your Sync Move for that pair. You can do this up to a maximum level of five.

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