Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Beat the Team Meanies Boss Fight

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Beat the Team Meanies Boss Fight

We show you how to defeat Gengar, Ekans and Medicham of Team Meanies.

If Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX has a real villain, it's almost certainly Gengar and Team Meanies, the selfish rescue team who hide their evil behind good deeds. We'll show you how to beat Team Meanies in the Sinister Woods and rescue Metapod along the way.

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How to Beat Team Meanies

Team Meanies are waiting on the 13th floor of Sinister Woods, and they're a formidable force. The big threat among them is Gengar, who has about 250 health, whereas Medicham and Ekans have about 100 each. In order to best deal with them, you should check their strengths and weaknesses below.

Team Meanies Strengths and Weaknesses

MeanieTypeWeak to:Resistant to:
GengarGhost/PoisonGround, Ghost, Psychic, Dark Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy, Normal (Immune), Fighting (Immune)
EkansPoisonGround, PsychicFighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy
MedichamFighting/PsychicFlying, Ghost, FairyFighting, Rock
Aside from type advantage, you can get pretty far by having superior numbers too. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Team Meanies Boss Fight Tips

Team Meanies are a difficult fight, one that relies on numbers to make up for some of them not being as powerful. We suggest doing the following to cement victory:

  • Be level 13 at the very least. Even with type-advantages, Team Meanies have a lot of health and can hit hard. If you're weaker than that, spend some time at the Makuhita Dojo or do some practice missions first.
  • Recruit as many Pokemon you can on the way through Sinister Woods. There'll be a lot of fainted Pokemon you can revive with apples, so bring a few extra to sure up your numbers along the way. If you're outnumbered by the Meanies, things could get dangerous fast.
  • Have at least one Psychic or Ground attack. Gengar and Ekans are both weak to these, so learning Zen Headbutt or Earthquake like it can make a big difference. Check the Kecleon Shop to see if they have an TMs before you leave, or bring an appropriate ally with you. Alternatively, link moves together for greater effect.
  • Be prepared for Status Effects. Being horrible people, Gengar can put you to sleep, Ekans can poison people, and Medicham can confuse, making the fight even more difficult. Have a lot of berries with you to ensure none of these effects can last.

Rewards for Beating Team Meanies

Unfortunately, as befits a good samaritan, the kids Metapod and Caterpie don't have any money or rewards to give you. Still, as your partner points out, you got to beat up Team Meanies - and really, isn't that what matters most?

It's alright, Charmander, you're working for the EXPOSURE. I'm sure Metapod has been sending this rescue round on social media. That's as good as being paid, right? | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Mystery Dungeon contents abounds here at USgamer. If you want to check out Kat's first impressions of the game, just take a look here. Or if you want to see Joel's final review, just follow this link.

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