Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Farm EXP and Gain Levels Fast

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Farm EXP and Gain Levels Fast

We show you how you can quickly grind experience and level up.

While strength isn't everything in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, there are times where you'll want to be more powerful and gain a few levels quickly. In order to make that as easy as possible, we've outlined how to farm EXP and gain levels fast.

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How to Farm EXP

If you want to get experience quickly to bring down a boss or evolve into a more powerful Pokemon, there's two ways to do it: either in the Makuhita Dojo South of Pokemon Square, or while exploring Dungeons as normal. The Dojo is much, much faster, but also doesn't allow you to gain items, recruit Pokemon, finish missions or do anything else of value along the way. By the same logic, there are things you can do to increase the amount of EXP you farm while going through Dungeons, but it's never going to be quite as effective as spending time in the Dojo. We'll outline both methods here.

How to Gain EXP at the Makuhita Dojo

Head South from Pokemon Square past the Gulpin Link shop, and there'll be a large building with Makuhita by the front door (he's a squat, smiley, yellow-looking fellow). This is the Dojo, in which you can spend Dojo tickets to spend a limited amount of time fighting enemies for increased EXP. Better Dojo tickets actually increase the time you can spend there before getting ejected, as well as boosting the already-high EXP multiplier. As far as we can work out, this is what each ticket gets you:

TicketTimeEXP Multiplier:
Bronze50 seconds5x standard EXP gain
Silver55 seconds7.5x standard EXP gain
Gold60 seconds10x standard EXP gain
Dojo-fighting gets you massive amounts of EXP for every win. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

You'll pay for each entry with a ticket, in which you can send in a single Pokemon to fight hordes of enemies they'll have type advantage over, all for however long the ticket gets them. Tickets of all types are sometimes sent to your mailbox, can be found in chests in Mystery Dungeons, or can be given as rewards for completing certain Rescue Missions. You don't even need to have them in your inventory: you can spend them directly from storage.

The Dojo is strange, considering it's operating with a real-time countdown in a turn-based game. You'll want to bring down as many enemies as possible in however much time you have, so the moment you can, activate Auto-Mode with the L Button, which gets a speed boost in the Dojo. It'll bring you to an enemy almost instantly, whereupon you can just hit A to use any super-effective move. Repeat this process for as long as you can, and don't worry too much about being K.O.ed, here you'll auto-revive (though it will take a few seconds to do so, eating into your timer). Do it right, and you should gain at least one level per excursion, possible two or three if you're using a Gold Ticket.

How to Farm EXP in Mystery Dungeons

If you've run out of tickets or just grown bored with the Dojo, there are ways to farm while in Dungeons. We've outlined some basic techniques below, all of which can help you generate EXP quickly.

  • Equip your Pokemon with a Joy Ribbon, if you've found one. These high-value items slowly feed the holder with EXP, even if they're not doing anything.
  • If possible, bring a low-level Pokemon into a high-level area, guarded by two powerful allies.
  • Learn area-of-effect moves like Heat Wave and Discharge, then head into a Dungeon known for having lots of Monster Houses, like Magma Cavern. This should wipe out whole rooms, gaining you large doses of EXP in the process.
  • Aim for Dungeons where you'll have a type advantage. For example, if you're an Electric type, head for Sky Tower, where you can blast fliers out of the air.
A Joy Ribbon provides a constant trickle of EXP, which really adds up over time. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

That should be everything you'll need for Mystery Dungeon farming, so why not check out our other content? We've got Joel's review of the game here, or see Nadia's Sword and Shield review here.

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