Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Farm Money

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Farm Money

We show you how to grind money - or Pokecoins - as fast as possible.

There's a lot to spend your money on in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, whether it's new camps bought from Wigglytuff or Reviver Seeds from Kecleon. In this guide we'll cover how to farm money quickly and as easily as possible.

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How to Farm Money Quickly in Mystery Dungeon DX

To make money quickly, there's several ways to go about it.

  • Recruit as many Pokemon as possible in dungeons using this guide's advice, then dismiss them at the end for a cash reward.
  • Check the bulletin board for missions giving out Gold Ribbons: these can be sold for 2,500p.
  • Check your storage regularly for unneeded items you can sell.
  • Link Boxes can be sold for 650p each and are pretty common in the Frosty Forest, at least by our experience.
  • If you've completed the game, make it to the end of the Desert Region. There'll be Gold Fossils and Gold Spikes which can be sold for 5,000p altogether.
  • Cash rewards for Rescue Missions scale to difficulty. The harder the mission, the more money you'll get. Do the most difficult missions possible, and as many in one Dungeon, for maximum payout.
Gold relics can be a good way to make a lot of money. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Money Cheats

So far there's no way we know of to use cheats or glitches to earn money in ways the game hasn't intended, at least not without using a ROM hack. The glitch in the original Blue Rescue team, which allowed you to make money by selling items in Dungeons to the Kecleon shop and quitting the game to bring them back, has not been carried over and won't work in this newer entry. We'll be sure to update this guide if we learn more, but in the meantime you'll have to make your money legitimately.

USG has you covered for all things Pokemon-related. Click on this link to see Joel's review of Mystery Dungeon, or go here to see Mike's feelings on the growing rivalry between Pokemon and newcomer Temtem.

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