Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Meet and Recruit Munchlax

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: How to Meet and Recruit Munchlax

Here's what to do when meeting Munchlax, the apple-loving wanderer who meanders through Pokemon Square.

Out of all the strange Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, one of the most peculiar is Munchlax, a short, hungry Pokemon who drops their apples the first time you meet him. We'll show you how to make Munchlax appear and if you should give the apples back.

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Where to Find Munchlax

Munchlax is a random encounter that can happen in Pokemon Square, one that triggered for us not long after beating the Mankey and upgrading your team base. It's not a combat encounter - at some point while you're in Pokemon Square, Munchlax will walk across from right-to-left. They won't say anything if you're talking to them, but when they get to the middle of the Square, they'll drop several Apples. Pick them up before they walk over to them, and they'll ask for them back. Now you have a choice: keep the three regular Apples, or hand them over to their rightful owner.

Will hunger win out over kindness? | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

What Happens If You Keep the Apples?

Please don't be this horrible. They're only Apples, and Munchlax will seem genuinely heartbroken if you take them - they're their favourite food. Munchlax will slump and walk away with tears in their eyes. However, they're slow enough that you can catch up to them and right this wrong by giving the Apples back.

What Happens if You Give Munchlax the Apples?

If you make THE RIGHT CHOICE, Munchlax will perk up at you securing their Apples and thank you for your assistance. In fact, they'll hand over a unique held item called Munch Belt in gratitude! It boosts Attack and Special Attack, but empties your belly faster than normal - pretty good in boss fights or if you're well-stocked with food.

The Munch Belt is your gift for being the better Bulbasaur. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

Munchlax Random Encounters

After this event, Munchlax will start to appear randomly in Pokemon Square, always walking from right-to-left, through the centre of the Square. They don't do this every day, and never twice in the same day, so if you miss them, it could be a while before they come back. If they do appear, their stomach will grumble in the middle of the route, and after that you can give them an Apple of any kind, assuming you catch up before they leave. Munchlax will reward you for your kindness with some kind of reward, one that seems to scale according to the quality of the apple. Give them a Perfect Apple, and they might give you a rare DX Gummi!

How to Recruit Munchlax

There's no way to recruit the Munchlax that you see in the Square - they're their own wanderer - but Munchlax can occasionally be found in the Remains Island Mystery Dungeon, though they're pretty rare and have to be recruited like any other Pokemon you encounter.

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