Pokemon Quest Has Been Downloaded More Than 7.5 million Times

Pokemon Quest Has Been Downloaded More Than 7.5 million Times

The game recently launched on mobile after debuting on Nintendo Switch.

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon Quest has passed 7.5 million downloads, pointing towards a huge success for the new Pokemon Mobile game.

Pokemon Quest launched for Switch on May 30, just minutes after it was announced at an event Nintendo held in Tokyo. It is a slightly different kind of Pokemon RPG than what we’re used to from the series, adopting a more passive approach geared towards younger players. The game then came to iOS and Android a month later, and has seen strong downloads ever since.

Pokemon Quest features a distinct, blocky art-style, and eschews the series mainstay of using PokeBalls to catch pokemon. Instead, players lure pokemon to a Base Camp using food, where they befriend them. The combat is decidedly less involved too, with the option to set the action to auto, and simply watch each level play out. It features all 151 of the original pokemon lineup, as well as shiny versions of each.

With the announcement of these numbers, it seems that Nintendo’s recent strategy of targeting different subsections of the Pokemon audience is paying off. Pokemon Quest’s success also points towards a promising launch for the upcoming title Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee, which is also geared to target young pokemon fans. You can check out everything we know about the upcoming Pokemon Switch title in our Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu Guides Hub.

We’ve also been busy building guides for Pokemon Quest, which you can find in our Pokemon Quest Guides Hub. There’s beginner’s tips and tricks, info on the best pokemon to use, and even every Pokemon Quest Recipe detailed.

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