Pokemon Rumble Rush Catch Bonus - How to Get a Catch Bonus

Pokemon Rumble Rush Catch Bonus - How to Get a Catch Bonus

Much like in other Pokemon games, there are Catch Bonuses in Pokemon Rumble Rush. Here’s how to get them.

In Pokemon Rumble Rush, you’ll spend most of your time battling Pokemon and powering up your team. Every now and then, a defeated Pokemon will be added to your Pokedex. Doing this multiple times in a row might grant you a Catch Bonus, which is well worth looking out for. In this Pokemon Rumble Rush Catch Bonuses Guide, we’ll take a look at how to get a Catch Bonus in Pokemon Rumble Rush. We’ll look at what Catch Bonuses do, and how to check your Catch Bonus progress for each of your Pokemon.

Pokemon Rumble Rush Catch Bonus

To get a Catch Bonus in Pokemon Rumble Rush, you’ll need to keep catching more of the same type of Pokemon. To do this, visit regions where the Pokemon you are trying to power up can be found. This is usually pretty easy, as you’ll see an icon of each Pokemon available in the area.

What Are Catch Bonuses in Pokemon Rumble Rush?

Catch Bonuses can be found in many Pokemon games, essentially rewarding trainers for catching the same Pokemon over and over again. In Pokemon Rumble Rush, you’ll get a bonus for every 10 Pokemon of a type you catch. Once this requirement is reached, your Pokemon will reach a new level, meaning you’ll find Pokemon with a higher CP on your next catch.

Pokemon Rumble Rush: How to Check Catch Bonuses

You can actually check your progress towards Catch Bonuses for each Pokemon in the Pokedex. Just head to Menu > Dexes > Select Pokemon. From this screen, which you can see in the image embedded above, you can check how many catches you are away from the next Catch Bonus level.

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