Pokemon Rumble Rush Revealed and Yes, It's Another Mobile Game

Let's get ready to rumble, pika pika.

Pokemon games are enjoying a lucrative side career on mobile, and The Pokemon Company has no plans to stop that sweet music from rolling on. Today, it unveiled the latest game to jostle for room on your phone: A free-to-play action game called Pokemon Rumble Rush.

Describing itself as a game that's chock-full of the "spirit of discovery," Pokemon Rumble Rush doesn't appear to be an especially complicated experience. The game is already available on the Australian Google Play store, which mobile developers tend to use as a testing pen before unleashing their 1.0 releases on the world in general. There's an official site too, albeit in Japanese.

Pokemon Rumble Rush's Google Play store description gives you a good idea of what you're in for. Your goal is to explore uncharted islands teeming with wild Pokemon. And by "explore" we mean "bash the hell out of any wild Pokemon that get in your way." As your Pokemon waddles forth, it stumbles over these wild encounters. That's when you "engage in exciting gameplay action!" by tapping on the screen.

The Pokemon under your command sometimes find ore that you can refine to make them stronger or let them call up a powerful attack move. The islands you explore change every two weeks, so the Pokemon native to an island in one month might be totally usurped by the next (and yes, I choose to believe the Pokemon living on these islands are overthrown and replaced, only to be conquered themselves).

It's unclear when this title will hit mobile storefronts worldwide, but when it does it'll join other hit free-to-play mobile Pokemon games like Pokemon Quest and Pokemon Go. Though we heard whispers of a new Pokemon mobile game in development via a job listing posted at the start of the year, Pokemon Rumble Rush probably isn't it. Rumble Rush is developed by Ambrella, an outside company responsible for previous Pokemon Rumble games, whereas the mystery title is being developed internally at The Pokemon Company. That means we can look forward to more Pokemon mobile news down the road.

For now, the gradually-warming weather and popularity of the Detective Pikachu movie means more people than ever are out there lobbing PokeBalls at sidewalk Pokemon. Check out our Pokemon Go guides for everything you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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