Pokemon Sun and Moon's Final Starter Evolutions Revealed, Red and Blue Return

Pokemon Sun and Moon's Final Starter Evolutions Revealed, Red and Blue Return

Another Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer shows off even more new features and Pokemon.

In a new trailer released today, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have shown off the final evolutions of Pokemon Sun and Moon's starter Pokemon. The bow-tied Rowlet becomes the hooded Grass/Ghost hunter Decidueye, the cute Litten evolves into the swole Fire/Dark wrestler Incineroar, and Popplio ends up as the Water/Fairy diva Primarina.

The trailer also shows off the the rest of the Alola Region Guardians. Tapu Koko, a special Pokemon that protects the whole of Melemele Island, was shown way back in July. That Pokemon is joined by Akala Island's Psychic/Fairy Tapu Lele, Ula'ula Island's Grass/FairyTapu Bulu, and Poni Island's Water/Fairy Tapu Fini. All four island Guardians share a Z-Move, Guardian of Alola, where they summon a giant body, form the head of that body, and smash their opponent to a pulp. Overkill.

Other new Pokemon shown include the psychic Cosmog and the Alolan version of Persian, who lacks the svelte look of the original.

The high-level play in Pokemon Sun and Moon is also illustrated in this video. There's a new region called the Battle Tree, where other Pokemon trainers who have completed their island trials gather to fight it out. This includes trainers that you've fought against before in the game, allowing you to scout them and partner with them in future fights.

More importantly, the Battle Tree is pretty lore heavy for Pokemon. Not only does the Tree feature the return of Red and Blue from the original Pokemon, it also features the establishment of the Pokemon League for the Alola Region!

"In the Alola region, the setting of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, there is no Pokémon League yet-but it seems that there are plans to construct one on the peak of a certain mountain," notes the official website. "After the growth you achieve through completing the island challenge, will the day come when you also take on the Pokémon League to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer?"

Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming for 3DS on November 18, 2016.

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