Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamaxing Revealed in New Gameplay, Alongside Version-Exclusive Gym Leaders

There's also some new Pokemon to fill out the Galar Dex.

There's more than one way to make giant Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. A trailer released this morning by the official Pokemon channel showcases, among new Pokemon and story characters, a move called "Gigantamaxing," distinct from the previously shown Dynamax.

While Dynamax increases the size of your Pokemon and enhances it with new moves, it seems Gigantamax alters both the Pokemon's size and appearance, allowing them to take on a new form. In a post on the Pokemon website, the team goes into detail about the differences between the two. While Dynamaxing is common to the Pokemon of Galar, only "rare specimens" of certain species will be able to Gigantamax, changing their appearance from a normal Dynamax and allowing the use of a unique G-Max Move that regular Dynamax Pokemon can't use.

For example, a regular Drednaw or Corviknight can Dynamax, but only special members of those species can Gigantamax. Seems like there will be an emphasis on finding and catching versions of these monsters that have access to this power. You can also fight Gigantamax Pokemon in Max Raid Battles, though they'll be very rare.

Shown as one of the Gigantamax Pokemon is one of the new Galar region Pokemon, Alcremie, a pastry-styled Fairy-type Pokemon who turns into a massive layer cake for its Gigantamax. Also shown was Rolycoly, a Rock-type geode, and Duraludon, a Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon, as well as Yamper, the Electric-type corgi first revealed at E3 2019.

Two new Gym Leaders were also shown, and they'll differ depending on which version of the game you get. While there will be version-specific Pokemon-Deino and Jangmo-o will only appear in Sword, while Larvitar and Goomy only in Shield-there will also be differing Gym challenges. In one city, the Sword players will challenge Fighting expert Bea, while Shield players will go up against Ghost master Allister.

Also introduced are Chairman Rose, the president of a large business conglomerate and chairman of the Galar Pokemon League who implemented Dynamaxing into Gym battles. His secretary Oleana is also vice-president of Rose's company, and handles the day-to-day stuff.

We'll see more as we get closer to the November 15 release date for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. If you want to learn more about the game from the creators, be sure to check out our interview with the director and producer of Sword and Shield from E3 2019.

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